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  1. shamrock

    ortofon serato s120

    yes, so what i mean is. that 'humm' you get when you play the play the control vinyl without any output.
  2. shamrock

    ideal accessory for loops/sound fx etc

    ok, i've mislabeled it. what i meant was FXs and features i'm likely to use
  3. shamrock

    ideal accessory for loops/sound fx etc

    hey thanks for your replies. i guess i don't need that many. perhaps about 3-4 FX max. won't be doing much filtering during hip hop, but i suppose it could be somewhat useful for taking up EDM in the future. better have a play around with what's out there. thanks
  4. shamrock

    ideal accessory for loops/sound fx etc

    not sure how useful it would be for hiphop mixing though (?). seems like those products are more useful for EDM - i could be wrong?
  5. hey just curious what you think about various accessories whilst mixing. i'm predominantly mixing hiphop, so i just need a handful of features like echo, loops etc. nothing fancy. i've looked at few options ranging from traktor f1/x1, midi fighter etc etc. it all seems a bit too complex. new mixers have cue/fx/loop functions (ie rane 62) etc, which i currently do not have. any suggestions for a good reliable piece of equipment to work with serato dj/SSL +/- traktor ( the traktor part is not necessary though). do you think it'll be sufficient just sticking with serato remote? thanks sk
  6. shamrock

    ortofon serato s120

    got a pair of these now (btw) - must say they are significantly loudner than then m44 on the control vinyl. sounds quality is comparable i think, but i'm only using a pathetic speaker system. next going to purchase the performance vinyl and check the quality....
  7. shamrock

    WTB: Device link cable for Focusrite

    did a search for it, came up empty. you must've contacted the manufacturer? think it's a very specialist cable esp when it comes to apple products. they don't use anything standardised which is a pain in the ass good luck
  8. shamrock

    Wrxfiend entering the dmc championships

    check out rholi rho for some inspiration dj angelo is also pretty nice on the juggles.
  9. wrxfiend, i have a kontrol 2 and serato sl1. that's a good option actually, a lot cheaper as well! been reading about a lot of rane 62 hardware faults, poor quality etc. the traktor software is pretty good - i especially like the beatgrid now that i have a better understanding of the song structure etc. [off topic] - i think you have this feature on itch and serato dj, but not scratch live... oh well.
  10. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/271552942895 ... 1423.l2649 seller has 0 rating though.
  11. shamrock

    slipmat recommendation?

    might give it a go!
  12. shamrock

    FYI - rane 62 and rane 68 on gumtree

    ok, good to know. i'll stop when i'm told or when my search comes to an end
  13. 68 http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/wollongo ... 1052190662 [location - wollongong, NSW] $2400 62 http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/wangarat ... 1051551507 [location - wangaratta, VIC] $1700 ps. i realise i have posted a lot of these ads for the 'benefit' of someone looking, but if it's a nuisance or annoyance, i'll stop
  14. shamrock

    would you consider it cheating if...

    nice! gonna try it.
  15. hehehe, people get emotional when times running out. this was a good deal to begin with, 1500 to secure some nice hardware - seemed worth it to me. some auctions allows the buy it now price to remain intact. i'm kicking myself about a maxed out macbook pro retina 15" (1tb, 2.6, 16gb) that went for $2500 (RRP 4099). was buy it now on ebay with offer as well. once they put that offer in, you get greedy and attempt to hustle for a few dollars hahah. needless to say i lost ->