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  1. yes, so what i mean is. that 'humm' you get when you play the play the control vinyl without any output.
  2. ok, i've mislabeled it. what i meant was FXs and features i'm likely to use
  3. hey thanks for your replies. i guess i don't need that many. perhaps about 3-4 FX max. won't be doing much filtering during hip hop, but i suppose it could be somewhat useful for taking up EDM in the future. better have a play around with what's out there. thanks
  4. not sure how useful it would be for hiphop mixing though (?). seems like those products are more useful for EDM - i could be wrong?
  5. hey just curious what you think about various accessories whilst mixing. i'm predominantly mixing hiphop, so i just need a handful of features like echo, loops etc. nothing fancy. i've looked at few options ranging from traktor f1/x1, midi fighter etc etc. it all seems a bit too complex. new mixers have cue/fx/loop functions (ie rane 62) etc, which i currently do not have. any suggestions for a good reliable piece of equipment to work with serato dj/SSL +/- traktor ( the traktor part is not necessary though). do you think it'll be sufficient just sticking with serato remote? thanks sk
  6. got a pair of these now (btw) - must say they are significantly loudner than then m44 on the control vinyl. sounds quality is comparable i think, but i'm only using a pathetic speaker system. next going to purchase the performance vinyl and check the quality....
  7. did a search for it, came up empty. you must've contacted the manufacturer? think it's a very specialist cable esp when it comes to apple products. they don't use anything standardised which is a pain in the ass good luck
  8. check out rholi rho for some inspiration dj angelo is also pretty nice on the juggles.
  9. wrxfiend, i have a kontrol 2 and serato sl1. that's a good option actually, a lot cheaper as well! been reading about a lot of rane 62 hardware faults, poor quality etc. the traktor software is pretty good - i especially like the beatgrid now that i have a better understanding of the song structure etc. [off topic] - i think you have this feature on itch and serato dj, but not scratch live... oh well.
  10. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/271552942895 ... 1423.l2649 seller has 0 rating though.
  11. ok, good to know. i'll stop when i'm told or when my search comes to an end
  12. 68 http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/wollongo ... 1052190662 [location - wollongong, NSW] $2400 62 http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/wangarat ... 1051551507 [location - wangaratta, VIC] $1700 ps. i realise i have posted a lot of these ads for the 'benefit' of someone looking, but if it's a nuisance or annoyance, i'll stop
  13. hehehe, people get emotional when times running out. this was a good deal to begin with, 1500 to secure some nice hardware - seemed worth it to me. some auctions allows the buy it now price to remain intact. i'm kicking myself about a maxed out macbook pro retina 15" (1tb, 2.6, 16gb) that went for $2500 (RRP 4099). was buy it now on ebay with offer as well. once they put that offer in, you get greedy and attempt to hustle for a few dollars hahah. needless to say i lost ->
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