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  1. Hey guys, I'm selling my gear All works, CDJS never been used at any gigs, Turntables have been loved, mixer has some damaged. Pm me offers
  2. Welcome brother more hip hop mixes please
  3. This Also the crossfader is your friend
  4. :3 :3 :3 Thanks man! You should had come said hello
  5. This is unreal, I'm almost tempted to go out and try it now
  6. and thanks for the warm reception everyone :3
  7. Fuck yeah, I was the dude in the Blue Shirt with Pacman on it raving around, If you remember. I also had a bucket on my head later that night hahahah
  8. Intros only well been playing for about 8 years, learnt on 12inch at the start when i had a pair of American DJ belt driven turntables with a beringer mixer that only had 1 set of EQs hahahhaa, don't even ask, now i'm just spinning whatever, hopefully able to feature on some radio shows at least in the near future. I'm making an appearance on JOY FM in three weeks time, came third in YOURSHOT Melbourne, so pretty proud of that, won the Agwa cells room on the Sunday. Study Economics and Law at Monash They teach it horribly, especially the economics, very maths, not wow, law there is significant amount of reading to be done. Do not enjoy university but if i'm ever to be taken seriously in the world of academia, it would help; and honestly it isn't that bad. Plus it gives me all this free time which I part-time work, and girlfriend. Need more time to mix!!
  9. Just realized i have 10 hours worth of chill beats to get through Cupe, sounding mad so far. I'm currently working on 3 mixes right now, always good, any veteran djs got any advice on how to organize and get through this process?
  10. Ola gentlemen I never even knew this forum existed, i posted on Global Hardstyle back in the day, bahahaahaha. What are some classic threads i should check out
  11. Yarrrrrrr, real solid jam, next jam, hopefully not so hard pressed for time also, still haven't got a good recording of my yourshot set.. tried 3 more times, still can't get everything real tight
  12. I have Van in my name so + 5 dj skill. Met Mitch during yourshot event and jammed with him afterwards, was mad, spun tunes, from Melbourne, no i don't spin melbourne bounce, whatever you think melbourne bounce is. Whatever you may even think it may be i don't spin it Smoke lots of weed, play piano, if you haven't ascertained that i'm a DJ from above, you probably smoke more weed then me, and if that's the case hit me for a jam
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