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  1. monitor help

    Hello All Need help/advice regarding a pioneer S-DJ50X studio monitor. Got a bit carrried away at a house party playing too loud with just my studio monitors. Now one when i power it on makes a noise and a light comes on for a couple of seconds but then goes off and no response from the speaker. Wondering if it is fully fucked or could be a easy fix ? Cheers Adam
  2. Pics of your Set-up

    very nice
  3. Hansel is here

    that hansels so hot right now welcome
  4. Hey all!

  5. Time to move to tt's

    ha up ya .. tt's ftw
  6. Time to move to tt's

    yea man so good gotta save for another one now come for a mix/chill on fri??
  7. Time to move to tt's

    ive had 400's for about a year now just bought one 1210 mk 2 loving life
  8. ADJF 'Beatport Top 10' Mix Battle - JULY

    yea ill give it a crack dont have any of the songs but
  9. Going mobile...

    yea i've seeen that redbull truck thang in action its mad fairly loud as well
  10. How To Be A Mad Cunt

    off his fuckin head
  11. Next purchase - Monitors

    buy some good quality p.a speakers and use them as monitors saves u a whole heap of money ?
  12. Your thought's.

    yea mash up djs sound so good live seen girl talk this year it was so good, yea atrack at parklife last year was amazing same with z trip holy shit good stuff
  13. bass

    they do look rather sexy dont they
  14. bass

    yea well at the moment im running with four 12 inch subs which are clear but dont give enough lyk hit u in the face kind of bass so i was leaning towards an 18inch powered sub of some kind
  15. Sabre - One Hundred Teeth (Cairo Remix)

    u could say that