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  1. TouchAble 3. They're saying the original iPad is supported and with a recent rewrite, performs similarly to even the latest generation Airs. Reckon eBay may start getting pummelled by those looking to add touch-enabled control surfaces to their setup... ~$22 for the Live device templates. And they've enabled iPad linking (like multi-monitor layout). Worth the coin, I reckon.
  2. Panasonic - once Matsushita (and National?) - originated and owned Technics. Patents have since run out so it could well be a 1:1 clone, but Pioneer have never had any relationship with Technics.
  3. http://goo.gl/RZOrLP Reckon it'll end up being M5G expensive.
  4. MP3Tag is worth a look. Applications like iTunes, SSL and Traktor have custom fields that may not be exposed to either of the aforementioned. If you decide to have a peek, load your collection -> select all -> right-click -> choose to view extended tags.
  5. HS-80Ms. The NS-10s had a horizontal orientation: you could tell from a distance base of the cone's protuberances (black bits in the centre).
  6. One of the things that irked me about the Stantons was a lack of a suitable dust-repelling solution. Well: And for anyone with an Empath, turns out DeckSaver's unit for the TTM-56/57SL is compatible: Why I didn't think to check and compare the dimensions of the top plate before, I don't know.
  7. Was asked elsewhere about coming from Stantons and thought a repost might prove worthwhile... Honestly? Two different decks. I couldn't truthfully say that 1200s are better than the ST-150s from a functional standpoint. It may be a placebo effect, but I feel my tunes sound brighter and better than through the Stantons. It could be that even going through phono it's still hitting a DAC, as the decks have keylock (which I never actually used). I hit the jackpot with these two pairs, but anyone getting into turntables asking for advice? Better a new set of ST(R8)-150s than secondhand 1200s of an unknown origin.
  8. Sorry, but I've gotta ask: do you throw your head back when you Jesus-pose? I figure that's the only way you'd see yourself in that mirror...
  9. A lot of tunes are by mail-order, and as a result they get bowled (bowled, not warped). As russell says, holds the record to the platter better. Can't honestly comment on the tracking & skipping: using S-120 OM at 2.5-2.75g and no issues, even when NOT using the puck. Also good when the wax isn't 180g and feel like you need a bit more weight behind it (when using SSL CV, for example). 750g they are, and the ST-150s don't even blink. Not tried them on 1200s yet.
  10. Thankfully the wife supports my vinyl addiction, providing I LAN or play Soul Calibur on the PS3 with her at her request.
  11. Shame I couldn't quite nail the panorama: could shown you the REST of the tunes, the guitars and drum machine.
  12. A bit of an update from this:
  13. Looking to switch to the Vestax PDX3000MIX, so considering letting go of my decks to fund them. Cosmetically and functionally perfect. Bought in January from StoreDJ (don't have the receipt, but may be able to organise one from the crew there). Warranty is still valid, though you wouldn't need it for these. Comes with the boxes and the original carts (which were replaced within a couple of days for Ortofons, so the 680HPs are near-unused), leaving from Perth. viewtopic.php?p=89740#p89740 Been living in the house from day zero and only myself and a mate have touched them, so no heavy hands have been within reach. As per the subject line, I've got three to part with. Would have prefer they all leave together, so if anyone wants them all, wants two and can shift the other, or I get three solid buyers, then let me know.
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