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  1. M audio interface... do i need a mixer?

    update your drivers....my M-audio Fast track Ultra 8R didnt work when i bought it,..... I updated the drivers and its been the best soundcard ever. cheers Jason
  2. Anyone done this? TT thru vocoder

    the splitting of the audio gives a fuller sound. i get the full range of the carrier signal, but also get the vocoded effect. without splitting, the carrier is only heard whilst the plater is moving, and even then it sounds heavily filtered....like a sweep pad. sort of. im not using traktor in this setup. i want to record straight to mp3 or wav, like you can when mixing in traktor. i had a look at that link. Waaay over my head. I got no idea wtf they are talking about. cheers Jason
  3. Ok, so I'm trying my first dubstep track and I've got my wobbly bass line, and decided to dirty it up some.... Im using reason 4, I have Subtractor synth, thru scream4 sound destructor and then thru spider audio splitter. from the splitter i have one feed going straight to the reason mixer, and one thru the vocoder. (carrier signal) for the modulator i have my timecode vinyl running thru input 3/4(i could just use 3 I guess, but I havent re cabled anything for this to work, if i was short on channels i would probably drop it to a mono channel) and this is picked up via a Rewuschel/Rewire setup and fed to the modulation input on the vocoder. this then carries on to another channel on the mixer. the result is almost like a wahwah, but......well, way better and so much control. I need to figure out how(or indeed, if) i can record straight to file as Traktor Scratch does, or how i can get the result onto soundcloud for you guys to hear. It wasnt hard to set up, it just took me ages to come up with the idea in the first place.. Also, sorry if this is in the wrong section, Cheers Jason
  4. ok, this is STILL for sale. I have bought my new soundcard now(M-Audio fast track ultra 8R), so this is sitting in the cupboard unused. buy it! All offers will be considered cheers Jason
  5. Get Your DJ Name

    DJ Crude Rocket ,lmao!
  6. whats a good place to find accapellas

    good, its not just me then Anyway, I was thinking it would go well with Deadmau5's "Faxing Berlin", what do you think?
  7. whats a good place to find accapellas

    Fail. good site though, I've bookmarked that one for sure.
  8. whats a good place to find accapellas

    thanks for the quick response, yeah I've been looking for a coupe of hours now, i can find nothing but the mixes that are on the single Ive been trying to do a mix of it just killing the highs and lows, and leaving the mids running, but you know how that sounds. Shite.
  9. as above, ive exhausted all my usual avenues and i cant find the track Im chasing, its Jackson's last stand, by Ou est Le swimmingpool. not interested in mixes/remixes of it, just an accapella. lil help? oh, and sorry I've not been on in so long, I've had a LOT on my plate, Hopefully things will settle down soon. cheers Jason
  10. Pics of your Set-up

    no, skipping that i noticed, but the TT is no longer like that, so not really an issue cheers Jason
  11. Skype battle?

    thats ecaxly what i mean, like a proper fae to face battle, but over teh intarwebs
  12. Somebody buy this! i need more channels so i can mix thru my external mixer AND broadcast/record....this is shitting me only being able to broadcast using the internal traktor mixer.
  13. yup, still here! the guys where i bought it from didnt realise i needed more channels than what this provides, to stream, and record , and sometimes even play aditional devices/instruments during a mix/jam. i wont mention the store, only because i dont want to put them in a bad light. they are a great store and have good deals, i think it was a bit both ways, i probably didnt make it clear what i wasdoing, and vice versa. cheers Jason
  14. Favourite classic??

    how old is classic? Mr Oizo- flatbeat? i youtubed the juurgen track you mentioned....naice!
  15. For the love of radio!

    my bad...it was still on the first page, didnt check the date