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Headset/mic recomendations

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Hey guys,

I'm after a new set of headphones for general use/sifting through tracks/gaming. I'd use my HD-25's but they clamp so hard during periods of long use.

I'm really not happy with my g430's, nor have I really been happy with any "gaming" headset.

My first impulse though is to get an alright set of headphones for under $100 and putting a separate mic on it.

E.g. using these: Superlux HD668B


with a clip on mic like this that clips to the headset cord.


All up that totals $45 US and will cost $10 to get it to me via my forwarding service @ shipitto. Those headphones are pretty much rebadged AKG"s and have some dammed fine reviews from alot of good tech websites E.G Tek Syndicate.

Or do you have a recommendation for a good pair of sennheiser that would be better?

(Same with the mic)

Budget overall is under $100

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I got Steel Series Siberia V2 from pc case gear not long ago. I was looking for a all in one setup for gaming. Pleasantly surprised at how good they sound. Thought I'd be swapping my hd-25's in all the time to listen to tunes but I have been more than happy with these.

I have one of those Zalman clip on but can't find the bugger. Works quite well although having a second cable is a bit annoying.

Also a decent sound card has brought my audio to life, in particular headphones.

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