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Cambridge Topaz SR20

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Hey Guy's,

Wondering if any of you have any experience with this stereo amplifier? I'm looking to upgrade the one in my lounge which is mostly used for music + hifi use. Though i tend to use this for house partys aswell so it gets a good amount of cranking.

My existing setup is:

Floor Standers: Warfedale Diamond 9.6

Subwoofer: Jensen qx85

Amplifier: Some piece of crap sherwood amp.

The existing amp i have doesn't have too many issues driving both the floor standers or sub so i don't need more power. The existing amp is rated at 100watts not sure at what ohm's that is referenced to.

I cant seem to find a place to demo the Cambridge but my research suggests that this is a really good unit. I like the idea of dedicated 2 channels as i wont be upgrading my floorstanders or sub any time soon, nor do forsee the need for a 5.1 channel setup. I dont need HDMI in/outs as i use optical for connectivity to my HTPC/TV as I use the TV as a bridge for this.

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