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Back in Good Old Days

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On 1/13/2017 at 10:25 PM, DJDVD said:

This thread seems a bit dead. So I thought I'd share a link from the good old days of 'ardcore!  Right here in Australia to. 


 This link was old hardstyle to me, now that I still listen to hardstyle still in 2017 and will continue to, but I have heard of its origins before and have come across the early hardstyle kick drum sound using a synthesizer named Junglist/Hydra. Really made the same kick drum sounds heard in your old school rave vid you posted. I truly can't believe that's real footage of an old school Australian Rave, the first Rave I went to would of been Q-Dance 2007 in Australia, this is 1993 your video LOL nice share thanks for that i enjoyed listening

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Great Link DJDVD....  Great old classic happy hardcore session there! Played at some of these old raves myself back in the day. Memories Galore!!! Abandoned warehouses, bush doofs...  aghhhhhhh :)

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