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My YouTube channel launched

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Hey guys,

Today I launched my YouTube channel - bristlesmusic. Here is my first release on the channel with a lot more on the way soon. Been in the works for a while and I finally feel like I've got a few tracks ready to go. If you want to subscribe feel free and as always feedback and ideas are welcome. Thanks for all the feedback and support so far, I've learnt a lot from everyone and really appreciate having an open forum to connect with people like me.





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On 20/06/2017 at 8:58 AM, LabRat said:

Having a listen on internal speakers and I like this. Nice and chill and the video is pretty cool too - even though it's just water haha

Thanks man.. yeah tried to keep it simple but do a bit more than just a still image. Got another one up and a few more coming soon 

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