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Rap/Hip Hop beat battle.

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I've been trying to mix with acapellas and the like for a lot lately, I've been trying to cross the idea of egoism with DJ'ing in a way that rapping has always had no offense to the person aside from literally ripping them to shreds.

My idea is a sample and tune based idea based on this. Sample yourself up with what you might think the perfect battle would exist, from those backing beats to the vocal drops that hit the other whale hard. We're all friends, and with friends with us, who needs enemies. Lets take our pent up rage on each other in a creative way. 


Who's down?

I'll start by saying I'd love to give mine the white trash story that my entire life has had. Whos up?

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Note: no original work. Has to be completely DJ/sample based.


Whoa, I'm back, and the fog has lifted, the earth has shifted - to raise the gifted. You knew I'd be back so pack your bags JACK, cos daddy's home.

Let's see who can roll with that as an intro. (will be musically, of course.)

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