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Hi guys, 

I've tried searching this in the forums but nothing showed up. I'm guessing that unless you get paid cash, you need to have an ABN and invoice clients when they hire you. 

I have a few questions regarding this:


1. Do you send the invoice out before or after the gig?

2. What template do you use?

3. How do they transfer you money? Bank transfer? Paypay? 

4. What kind of things can be claimed back on Tax?


thanks in advance for your help!

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1. You would usually give the invoice when you rock up to do the gig. A few things to consider because people are getting so much worse at paying invoices now; 
- [If this is for a house party / private function] Require a deposit before the gig. This (usually) helps keep people honest. Require a certain percentage before the gig and then full amount after the gig. If you work for an agency then just invoice them and they'll usually pay you within the week, or what you've agreed to.
- [If you're invoicing a club] You can try the deposit thing otherwise invoice them once you've played the gig or send it the day after. I sent my invoices the day after because my hours would fluctuate.
Put on the invoice that you are to be paid within 7 days. If not, keep invoicing them until you get paid. If they fail to pay after a certain amount of time (2-4 weeks overdue) you will be able to take action but it's best to speak to your accountant or give a lawyer a call so they can help you with the terms of payment. You don't want to keep chasing money so have a chat with them and they'll guide you in the right direction. Also, yes, you do require an ABN to invoice.

2. There's heaps of free excel templates out there that have the formulas ready so you just fill in the blanks. It's by far the simplest way to start.

3. Bank transfer is best. I haven't seen too many people require you pay via PayPal but I'm sure they're out there. 

4. You can claim travel and usually anything else that is required to perform your work. It might be worth having a chat to an accountant, or someone that's established in the industry. I never claimed that much because I was working in clubs. Just my headphones (amongst other equipment), USB's and travel. 

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