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    or maybe your 'witty' reply  made them decide to go somewhere else.
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    Cloud Generator: http://clang.mat.ucsb.edu/software.html
    (Mac-OS9 classic only) (free) Developed by Curtis Roads and John Alexander. Cloud Generator synthesizes granular sounds in units called "clouds" and also "granulates" stereo sound files.
    Pulsar Generator: http://clang.mat.ucsb.edu/software.html
    (Mac-OS9 classic only) (free) Developed by Alberto de Campo and Curtis Roads. It generates sound particles called pulsars. (See Roads (2001) Sound Composition with Pulsars for more information)
    Emission Control: http://clang.mat.ucsb.edu/software.html
    (Mac-PPC only) (free) Written by David Thall in consultation with Curtis Roads. EC is an interactive real-time program, with many novel features, including modulation of synthesis parameters, multiple sound file input, and variable-Q filtering on a grain-by-grain basis.
    Chaosynth: http://chaosynth.granularsynthesis.com
    (CSound) (free) Chaosynth by Eduardo Miranda uses cellular automata (CA) to control the generation of large number of individual sonic events using a GUI in CSound.
    GranuLab: http://www.abc.se/~re/GranuLab/Granny.html
    (Win) (free) Developed by Rasmus Ekman, it can granulate 8 streams simultaneously.
    Density: http://www.apesoft.it/download/
    (Win/Mac and M4L plugins) (Lite version free) Asynchronous sampled/live granular synthesis by apeSoft
    Pulsaret: http://www.apesoft.it/download/
    (Win/Mac and M4L plugins) (Lite version free) Microsound Prototypes of Granular Synthesis (Glisson, Pulsar, Grainlet, Trainlet) by apeSoft
    MacPOD 2: http://thirdmonk.com/MacPOD.html
    (Win/Mac) (free) MacPOD/WinPOD by Chris Rolfe and Damián Keller generates a wide range of effects from time compression/expansion to richly varied spectral transformations. MacPOD is named in honour of the original POD GSAMX system developed by Barry Truax at Simon Fraser University.
    Granulator: http://www.nicolasfournel.com/granulator.htm
    (Win) (free) Developed by Nicolas Fournel (currently offline - hoping it will be back soon)
    AL & ERWIN: https://www.keele.ac.uk/music/people/rajmilfischman/rajmilfischmanfreesoftware/
    (Win) (free) Developed by Rajmil Fischman, the AL...gorithmic Compositional Environment in conjunction with ERWIN applies the solutions of Schröedinger’s equation for an atomic potential with radial symmetry (a well-known equation from Quantum Mechanics) to the creation of granular clouds.
    Clouds: https://www.keele.ac.uk/music/people/rajmilfischman/rajmilfischmanfreesoftware/
    (Win/Mac) (free) Developed by Rajmil Fischman, real-time asynchronous granular synthesis of four seperate sound buffers.
    jMusic Online Granulator: http://www.granularsynthesis.com/jgrain.php
    (Win/Mac/*nix) (free) Developed by Tim Opie using jMusic, it runs online, if you have java enabled....(does anyone now?)
    Kenaxis: http://www.kenaxis.com/
    (Win/Mac) (free trial) : Real-time improvisation software with 6 loop players each with granular synthesis and many other effects.
    RTGS-X: https://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/15912/rtgs-x
    (Mac-PPC only) Real-time granular synthesizer, OSX-PPC updated version of the Real-Time Granular Synthesizer for Mac OS8.
    Partikkel: http://oeyvind.teks.no/results/applications/partikkelapplications.htm
    (CSound) (free) Partikkel csound opcode desigedn by Oeyvind Brandtsegg, implemented by Thom Johansen and Torgeir Strand Henriksen, with a vast array of parameters to tweak.
    Atomic Cloud: http://atomiccloud.gersic.com/
    (Win) (free) The Atomic Cloud Grain Cloud Generator takes an audio file as input, and generates a granular synthesis grain cloud in real time.
    Sample Toy: http://www.mrkbrz.com/sampletoy/
    Curtis Heavy: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/curtis-heavy-granular-synthesizer
    Borderlands: http://www.borderlands-granular.com/app/
    Granite: http://www.newsonicarts.com/index.php?page=granite
    Narrativas Sonoras II: http://ruipenha.pt/software/narrativas-sonoras-ii/
    Grain Science: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id487233637
    HourGlass: http://xenakios.wordpress.com
    REplay PLAYer: http://www.essl.at/works/replay.html
    iDensity: http://www.apesoft.it/idensity/
    (iPad) Multi-streams real-time granular playground able to generate a wide range of usual and not so usual effects by apeSoft
    iPulsaret: http://www.apesoft.it/ipulsaret/
    (iPad) Real-time software capable of all time-domain varieties of granular synthesis (Glisson, Pulsar, Grainlet, Trainlet) by apeSoft
    GrainProc: http://www.grainproc.com/
    Generative 2: https://sirenaudio.co.uk/collections/frontpage/products/generative-2
    SoundGrain: http://ajaxsoundstudio.com/software/soundgrain/
    Music Programming Environments that have Granular Synthesis Capability:
    Csound: http://www.csounds.com/
    jMusic: http://explodingart.com/jmusic/
    ChucK: http://chuck.cs.princeton.edu/
    Extempore: http://extempore.moso.com.au/
    Impromptu: (M) http://impromptu.moso.com.au
    Max 5 (Max/MSP): (WM) http://www.cycling74.com/products/maxmsp.html
    AudioMulch 2: (WM) http://www.audiomulch.com/
    PD:(WMU) https://puredata.info/
    SuperCollider: (WMU) http://supercollider.sourceforge.net/
    Composers Desktop Project: (WM) http://www.composersdesktop.com/
    Reason: (WM) http://www.propellerheads.se/products/reason/
    Logic Pro: (M) http://www.apple.com/logic-pro
    SynthEdit: (W) http://www.synthedit.com/
    Reaktor 6: (WM) https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/synths/reaktor-6/
    Kyma X: (WM) http://www.symbolicsound.com/cgi-bin/bin/view/Products/WebHome
    Bidule: (M) http://www.plogue.com/products/bidule/
    Buzz: (W) http://jeskola.net/buzz/
    MachFive 3: (WM) http://www.motu.com/products/software/machfive/technology.html
    ixiQuarks: (M) http://ixi-audio.net/content/download/ixiquarks/index.html
    Usine: (WM) http://www.sensomusic.org/
    Granular Synthesis Plug-ins (mostly VST):
    Alchemy: http://www.apple.com/logic-pro/whats-new/
    (for Logic)
    crusherX Studio: http://www.crusher-x.de/
    SaltyGrain: https://www.samplesumo.com/
    Grainbot: http://www.kvraudio.com/developer_challenge_2009.php#dc09_24
    +bubbler: http://www.soundhack.com/freeware/
    grANALiser: http://morfiki.blogspot.com/
    Fragmental: http://www.niallmoody.com/ndcplugs/fragmental.htm
    GGrain: http://www.gvst.co.uk/ggrain.htm
    ParticleCloud: http://www.martin-brinkmann.de/plugs.html
    Dropout: http://www.tweakbench.com/dropout
    Minerva: http://www.tweakbench.com/minerva
    Pudding: http://www.tweakbench.com/pudding
    SideSlip: http://www.tweakbench.com/sideslip
    Muchacho: http://www.xoxos.net/vst/vst.html#effects
    Grainz: http://www.sknote.it/download.htm
    Grapheed: http://www.lidsquid.de/grapheed/index.html
    Scope: http://www.lidsquid.de/archive.php
    GRMTools: http://www.inagrm.com/grmtools
    Padshop Pro: http://www.steinberg.net/en/products/vst/padshop/padshop_pro.html
    HALion 5: https://www.steinberg.net/en/products/vst/halion_und_halion_sonic/halion_5.html
    ag.granular.suite: https://cycling74.com/toolbox/ag-granular-suite/
    (for Max/Jamoma)
    Granulator II: http://www.monolake.de/technology/granulator.html
    (for Max and Max4Live)
    The Mangle: http://sound-guru.com/software/mangle/
    Triple-Perc: http://www.customarttools.com/softwarelist/tripleperc
    (for Max and Max4Live)
    Grainer: http://puredata.info/Members/pdiliscia/grainer
    (for PD)
    J.A.G.S.: https://github.com/Limulo/Jags
    (for PD)
    Cosmosƒ: http://www.sonic-lab.com
    The Synthesis ToolKit in C++ (STK): https://ccrma.stanford.edu/software/stk/
    (C++ Library) (OSS, free) The Synthesis ToolKit in C++ by Perry R. Cook and Gary P. Scavone is a set of open source audio signal processing and algorithmic synthesis classes written in the C++ programming language. STK was designed to facilitate rapid development of music synthesis and audio processing software, with an emphasis on cross-platform functionality, realtime control, ease of use, and educational example code.
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    ello friend
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