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  1. So don't I put them into sub-folders for Traktor? Will Traktor remember the folder if I do it your way? Sorry for all the n00bish questions.
  2. I just tried and can't a folder for Tracktor to put these samples/effects in. BTW I have Traktor 2 LE.
  3. I know they are sample packs, I just need to know will they work with VDJ and Traktor and how to import them.
  4. I have a fair few of these now, what programs do I use for them?
  5. Yeah, I was pretty awesome. Is it only for samples?
  6. I got Traktor LE 2 with my Denon, but I've tried a crack of VDJ Pro 7 and it lets me use my controller. And as why I would use VDJ, it was the 1st program I used and and was pretty useful for experimental mixing and doing videos on. EDIT - Decided to stick with Traktor and forget about VDJ.
  7. Thanx Mat I will able to get some more answers soon.
  8. I been looking everywhere and asked a few people, but what are the AUD$ prices for digital and hard copies? I have a Denon MC3000 and wanting to use VDJ Pro 7 and Traktor Pro 2, Traktor is easy to find so I'm not worried about it. Some help please.
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