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    I'm 29 M Aussie gamer who has fallen into the DJ culture and loving it!!
  1. Thats a fucking sick mix mate, well done!!
  2. All those setups are insane!!, thats why we love them.
  3. I have plenty, gotta find places for them.
  4. I would love to go, if I had some transport.
  5. 1DJ666

    The ADJF Shop

    I will grab some stuff, my next pay!
  6. Yeah, awesome layout Jaz!!
  7. So don't I put them into sub-folders for Traktor? Will Traktor remember the folder if I do it your way? Sorry for all the n00bish questions.
  8. I just tried and can't a folder for Tracktor to put these samples/effects in. BTW I have Traktor 2 LE.
  9. She going out with 1 of the Stafford Brothers and she is also a ZOO model.
  10. I know they are sample packs, I just need to know will they work with VDJ and Traktor and how to import them.
  11. I have a fair few of these now, what programs do I use for them?
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