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    Im Vaughn im 17 years of age and i have found a liking in Dj'ing and i though this place would be a good sauce of knowledge
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    Djm 800, Cdj800mk2's
  1. Yo Cupe' Giving it up for the moment. Find it hard to find the time with other goals I'm pursuing
  2. 2x CDJ 800 MK2's DJM 800 Pioneer Pro DJ case READY TO PLUG AND PLAY!!!! I have had this awesome set up for years and it has never let me down Price drop from $850 to $700 this week Images: https://ibb.co/cCspin https://ibb.co/mhjPG7 https://ibb.co/gmSpin P.s Long time no visit ADJF. Hope ya'll doing great!
  3. Should PhotoShop this pic real good. Needs more tit grab
  4. Mixes should be free and stay free. I though that was the point of a mix, to let fans listen to what your throwing down
  5. Nice buy Sol I have also got a referb and its been a year and still going strong. When i got it, it had not a mark on it. It was Perfection Saved like 200 or so Good choice
  6. At least they had cox at the end of the clip. But I doupt the people who judge have ever listen to/ like what coz plays. I would play techno and tech/deep house and say FTW
  7. Mattus knows how it is
  8. Test the USB with porn first, just to be safe
  9. If its the gear I'm thinking of I know the guy. Lives about 29 mins away and is going over Europe really soon.... Should I offer a low offer for resale or keeps For spare
  10. Seems legit as he has came out with a genuine statement
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