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    Im Vaughn im 17 years of age and i have found a liking in Dj'ing and i though this place would be a good sauce of knowledge
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    Djm 800, Cdj800mk2's
  1. Yo Cupe' Giving it up for the moment. Find it hard to find the time with other goals I'm pursuing
  2. 2x CDJ 800 MK2's DJM 800 Pioneer Pro DJ case READY TO PLUG AND PLAY!!!! I have had this awesome set up for years and it has never let me down Price drop from $850 to $700 this week Images: https://ibb.co/cCspin https://ibb.co/mhjPG7 https://ibb.co/gmSpin P.s Long time no visit ADJF. Hope ya'll doing great!
  3. Thanks man, Couple beat matches are a fair bit out but thats what you get when your am armature and have never worked with the tracks haha EDIT: I LOVE FREE STUFF, ALL THE OTHER FELLA'S THAT ARE IN HIDING !!!! MAKE A MIX !!!!!!
  4. Hobberz: Just sent you and email with tracks and transitions
  5. Okay i just smashed it out, I gave it one shot and one shot only, Its 32 minutes long, If its any trouble just listen upto 30 mins. If not ill take it down and cut it back so it firs within the criteria. http://soundcloud.com/vaughnroyer/feet-the-kids-tech Thanks Vaughn
  6. you have like 23 days... He is going away for a few weeks and only has a day to do it. Yeah going away for work so got to get it done in the next couple hours ...... ahhhhh
  7. Counting down the hours i have left to make a mix and i havent even looked at the decks.... let alone got a song list. :'(
  8. okay so i got 2 days :S If im going to do this i better start now xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
  9. If its the gear I'm thinking of I know the guy. Lives about 29 mins away and is going over Europe really soon.... Should I offer a low offer for resale or keeps For spare
  10. Andyman Did you use Beatport top 10 or the songs Cap5 PM'd us?
  11. WOOOWWWWW Techno, Yay going to listen to this soon since i Downloaded it Should put track list up
  12. Forgot to add cream. Facepalm.jpg
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