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  1. Hey guys, looking to start some study in Sound Design (im thinking a bachelors) does anybody have any experience with any of the mentioned institutes in the title? (AIM, JMC, SAE etc.) essentially looking to gain indepth knowledge on electronic production initially, with my final goal being qualified to work in a studio. Cheers peeps
  2. Hell yeah one vote each brodahh!! lol looking forward to the next one
  3. Hey guys, heres a mix I entered into a DJ competition for a spot at the upcoming HSU 5th Birthday at the Metro Theatre in Sydney. Votes are tallied by total SoundCloud plays, likes and comments etc. so if you guys could give it a listen and a like i would greatly appreciate it https://soundcloud.com/hsuevents/tby-hsu-tosh1r 1. SWATkonga (Intro) 2. Technoboy & Activator - Steam Train 3. The Hose vs. Star Creatorz - I Survived The Killzone (Tosh1R Mashup) 4. TNT vs. Isaac - Digital Contrast XY (Tosh1R Mashup) 5. Tosh1R - Saifam Mash (Paris Mix) 6. Stephanie - Groovin To The Beat 7. TNT - Countdown Cheers folks!
  4. yeah a bit of silence at the start should generally sort you out
  5. To the powers that be, just a friendly suggestion about the naming of the Hardcore & Gabber section, if it was changed to "Harder Styles" or "Hard Dance" i feel it would be a little bit more appropriate. I think it may also help to generate a bit of growth for some of the harder styles DJ's become a bit more attracted to the forum, as Hardcore is a bit of a niche genre within the Harder Styles and seeing the sub section branded as Hardcore only may deter them from using it for other genres within the Harder Styles spectrum. Food for thought guys
  6. Tosh1R

    Digital Life #17

    Heres a mix i done about a year ago and only just uploaded today. Tracklist: 1. Headhunterz - Digiwave 2. Frontliner - Halos 3. Brennan Heart - Life That We Dream Of 4. Wildstylez - Year Of Summer 5. Scope DJ - Spark Of Life 6. Bass Modulators - Leave The World 7. Omegatypez - Digital Revolution 8. Black Force & Jim Noizer - Hang Out 9. Technoboy & Activator - Steam Train 10. Cellrock - Get Up! 11. Zany - Nightmare Into Reality 12. Activator & Francesco Zeta - Rock N Roll 13. Da Bootleggers - Bitches & Ho's (Digital Punk Refixx) 14. Noisecontrollers - Aliens (Digital Punk Remix) 15. Noisecontrollers - Crump (Ran-D Remix) 16. Titan - The Hour Of The Night 17. Crypsis - The Main MF 18. B-Front & Frontliner - Magic https://soundcloud.com/tosh1r/tosh1r-digital-life-17 Enjoy guys!
  7. Tosh1R

    Man dies at Defqon.1 music festival

    DQ is sorta like a civil war at night time tbh
  8. Tosh1R

    Man dies at Defqon.1 music festival

    Its an absolute shame to hear about the guy passing away.. He was from Victoria aswell (Which is Q-Dance's least favourite state after the events of X-Qlusive 2008) its the last thing they want against their name Regardless it was an amazing day one probably the best edition production/setup wise to date. heres a pic from the end show last night:
  9. Sounds like you havent been to Defqon yet
  10. Tosh1R

    My CPU

    Over 9000! lol
  11. Looks like so much fun every year