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  1. Don't know if anyone remembers me but I haven't been on in a few months, works been treating me rough and have done bit of travelling, But Im back on now and have done a little upgrading from my last setup as seen above..
  2. Oh Beautiful, im considering turning to TTs now
  3. Ill buy an Album, thrash it all week untill i get over it, then buy a new one and so on..
  4. Epic tunes mate! Film clip, nice and original i like i like
  5. is there any easier way of downloading the tracks, rather then doing it one by one?
  6. DaveRuming


    yeah wasnt really planned out well, they should at least give you the option to choose between the two..
  7. DaveRuming


    Getting installed on Friday (was sopose to be last friday but optus are hopeless), just asking if anybody here has it? How is it? and is it really any better than ADSL? Id usually go telstra but ill have to wait like 2 more months, plus optus have an Unlimited pack for like $125 month (No contract)
  8. We cant enter up here at Darwin, But we have like a smaller one just for the top end. (Same sorter deal, Residency at Local club, gig at Darwins biggest festival rah rah) Dunno if im gonna enter, theyve extended the entries till friday.. (Probably means they havent had much entries)
  9. Good thing i work at the airport with jet engines everywhere...
  10. I started using iTunes years ago and it was just so easy cause my Library is all setup in playlists, but the range of music is just not good enough. Ive had a fidle around with it so far, i guess ill catch on soon Im mainly looking into Deep House Mitch
  11. ay fellas, FINALLY! starting to use beatport now just wondering whats the best way to navigate through everything and try to find the freshest/newest/popular music. Unlike iTunes where id pretty much just click the music tab then go down to dance and there they all are. But i know theres a much wider range on beatport and want to get the best stuff on there..
  12. Hey Mate, Born in Newcastle Myself! Welcome to the Forum dude
  13. Sorry Dude not really catching for your throwing. Limelite Is running it themselves and its Held at Discovery Darwin. (If thats what you mean) http://discoverydarwin.com.au/ https://www.facebook.com/LimeliteDarwin
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