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  1. Oh Beautiful, im considering turning to TTs now
  2. Epic tunes mate! Film clip, nice and original i like i like
  3. DaveRuming


    yeah wasnt really planned out well, they should at least give you the option to choose between the two..
  4. DaveRuming


    Getting installed on Friday (was sopose to be last friday but optus are hopeless), just asking if anybody here has it? How is it? and is it really any better than ADSL? Id usually go telstra but ill have to wait like 2 more months, plus optus have an Unlimited pack for like $125 month (No contract)
  5. yeah Ive really gotta get this new Lappy before i start looking at anything else.. Its my one concern at the moment! BUT shouldnt be much longer now
  6. That the one i was looking at as it has SSD aswell, also was expecting id have to get an external soundcard.
  7. Alright! Im Going to invest in a MacBook Pro! Am i going to need top of the range or can i go down abit? Ill be Running these 3 mainly: Serato Ableton Photoshop And maybe possibly some games like Titanfall (My mates trying to get me on it)
  8. Hey Mate, Born in Newcastle Myself! Welcome to the Forum dude
  9. Not sure if any of you have seen this guy (Jack Conte), but god some his shit is epic. Check it out! Some of his other stuff:
  10. Epic tune mate, great vocal!
  11. Not a bad little Review here from Musicradar, But clearly the new kid in town cant compare.. yet. http://www.musicradar.com/news/tech/bitwig-studio-vs-ableton-live-a-head-to-head-daw-battle-597761 Also Found this Battle on Delay of both the Plugins and automation
  12. Yeah, they have a finance scheme going, and at the moment its Interest free on a 18 month Plan.
  13. Just wondering if anyone has ever bought anything from the online apple store and how their Finance scheme is?
  14. Well what ive got now is a shitty little hp G62 notebook thingy. had it for about 4 years so im ready to upgrade anyways. Easier to buy a new lappy, whatever it may be and go place a decent sound card it (Which would be apprx ?? I have no idea haha) Or Are there any out there that have already decent soundcards in them? Still sceptical on a Mac, i have An iPhone, iTouch, iPad, iPod and i use iTunes.. haha but havent used anyting else but windows.. not that it worries me going to a new program, it wouldn't take long to get use to..
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