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  1. Cool wrx. I hope to have some time early next week. I'm gonna throw down some of the ish I've been bumping lately.
  2. Who is up for a 15 min battle? Hip hop/rap anything but wack. Can negotiate details. Don't be scurred now.
  3. yeap, i found that it is great with ableton. used as a drum rack or as a midi to play instruments
  4. Cheers wrx. Cool I'll turn em down. I had a listen in my whip with the subwoofer and it sounded pretty mean.
  5. Sups fools, I wanted to get into beat making as I am an emcee but dont know many beat makers/producers. Having a DJ background I thought I would take it to the next step and try to make a beat myself. This is my very first basic ass beat. Constructive criticism appreciated. Unless its straight wack, in which case let me know too https://soundcloud.com/user6389570/represent
  6. Yo! I am now the proud owner of a MIDI FIGHTER 3D It all started when a mate and I saw this on youtube about fingerdruming on a midi fighter They went on sale at storedj https://www.storedj.com.au/products/DJT-MF3D So my mate who isn't into dj or computers at all went and bought one. I had a 10 min jam on his midi and I was hooked I hope some of yall are into this shit as I am now just learning about drum racks and sampling. Going to get the nextdoor neighbor who is a MEAN AS F drummer to teach me some real drumming and hope yall can give a brother some technical guidance. Im wanting to make some dope ass hip hop / electro style similar to this guy Got Ableton Got SL3 and Mad Zachs Soundpack Player (beta mode) Here are some snaps of my one...
  7. dope as mix mayne!.. when I worked security in the clubs there was a DJ who used to mix vids. It add a strong element to the dancefloor. This mix went from making moves on the D FLoor to blazing a sesh at the bros pad! NIce work wazza! You got me wanting to buy 3 cameras and get into this sht!
  8. this shit is so raw it makes me wanna bust a 6step, spray a throw up and bust a freestyle with my backpack on
  9. Sup Fam. Here is my showcase of music I grew up to from early to late 90's. https://soundcloud.com/user6389570/mixtape-vol-1-born-raised tell me what you think and download for free if you like it
  10. Damn man, rough start. Welcome to the forums tho
  11. Yeah what up Kodiak. Cool name. Easy to remember. Good size. Has meaning. Now make it famous!
  12. Got this for my birthday. Thought that some of yall up in here may like.
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