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  1. hip hop battle call out

    Cool wrx. I hope to have some time early next week. I'm gonna throw down some of the ish I've been bumping lately.
  2. hip hop battle call out

    Who is up for a 15 min battle? Hip hop/rap anything but wack. Can negotiate details. Don't be scurred now.
  3. Midi Fighter 3D

    yeap, i found that it is great with ableton. used as a drum rack or as a midi to play instruments
  4. First attempt at making a hip hop beat

    Cheers wrx. Cool I'll turn em down. I had a listen in my whip with the subwoofer and it sounded pretty mean.
  5. Sups fools, I wanted to get into beat making as I am an emcee but dont know many beat makers/producers. Having a DJ background I thought I would take it to the next step and try to make a beat myself. This is my very first basic ass beat. Constructive criticism appreciated. Unless its straight wack, in which case let me know too https://soundcloud.com/user6389570/represent

    Cant wait to watch this tonight
  7. Midi Fighter 3D

    Yo! I am now the proud owner of a MIDI FIGHTER 3D It all started when a mate and I saw this on youtube about fingerdruming on a midi fighter They went on sale at storedj https://www.storedj.com.au/products/DJT-MF3D So my mate who isn't into dj or computers at all went and bought one. I had a 10 min jam on his midi and I was hooked I hope some of yall are into this shit as I am now just learning about drum racks and sampling. Going to get the nextdoor neighbor who is a MEAN AS F drummer to teach me some real drumming and hope yall can give a brother some technical guidance. Im wanting to make some dope ass hip hop / electro style similar to this guy Got Ableton Got SL3 and Mad Zachs Soundpack Player (beta mode) Here are some snaps of my one...
  8. pop R & B HIPHOP video mix

    dope as mix mayne!.. when I worked security in the clubs there was a DJ who used to mix vids. It add a strong element to the dancefloor. This mix went from making moves on the D FLoor to blazing a sesh at the bros pad! NIce work wazza! You got me wanting to buy 3 cameras and get into this sht!
  9. Phase quick mix may 10th free download

    this shit is so raw it makes me wanna bust a 6step, spray a throw up and bust a freestyle with my backpack on
  10. showcase of 90's Rap

    Sup Fam. Here is my showcase of music I grew up to from early to late 90's. https://soundcloud.com/user6389570/mixtape-vol-1-born-raised tell me what you think and download for free if you like it
  11. Free scratch samples from soundcloud

    yay-ya shot bro!
  12. New to ausdjf

    welcome man!
  13. Pics of your Set-up

    sick dude. I love led lights too
  14. New to DJing, got scammed on gumtree.

    Damn man, rough start. Welcome to the forums tho
  15. Another re-introduction....

    Yeah what up Kodiak. Cool name. Easy to remember. Good size. Has meaning. Now make it famous!