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CDJ 850 HID mode all audio thru 1 channel problem

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I'm not having much fun here.

Trying to setup HID mode on cdj850s to control traktor scratch pro 2.6

850 firmware updated.

CDJ aggregator successfully achieved.

.tsi imported successfully.

Control of traktor by using cdjs achieved.


and yes I have checked my audio preferences and output routing. It only gives me two options for the cdj outputs not two pairs of stereo as I was expecting.

I've researched on google and people have had same problem but no one has posted a solution.

Anyone got any ideas?

Can anyone say they have actually had 850s working satisfactorily?

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exactly what i thought mitch. Which is why i have done it 3 times, double checking every step.

When you had it set up can you remember if you set the audio output traktor pref as: internal or external output?

and do you remember how many cdj outputs you had to assign in traktor? I get only 2 which seems wierd when I need to stereo pairs.

NB - some threads on djtooltips think this may be due to traktor 2.6 update and that they had it working before. I cannot rollback so really hope there is workaround.

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mixing should be on external

and you should have 4 outputs.

Are you selecting both decks correctly in the aggregator program, as well as the correct audio device in traktor? Thats the only thing i can think of.

You could try create an aggregate device yourself in applications -> utilities -> Audio MIDI setup if the pioneer aggregator isn't working for you

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I did set up my own aggregate device too after the pioneer software failed a few times. Still only gave me two audio outputs available in the traktor pref, and yep I am def selecting the correct device in traktor.

It's good to know that what you think are all the things I have tried already as I am slowly thinking that a few users on other forums may be right - a few think it is an issue only with traktor 2.6 and the HID mode.

I'm gonna keep on researching and see where i get to.

Cheers tho bruv

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