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  1. Cheers Mitch, Yeah all is as expected in brexit/lockdown land. Hope you are all rolling with it too.
  2. ey up. Long time no viddy. I did a thing for work. Some of you might be interested. Some others may learn something new. Each one Teach one.
  3. garts mate - nothing like a healthy threesome with willing twins.
  4. mate - reggae is my root. check this: http://www.souljazzrecords.co.uk/releases/?id=188 it's part of a great series of modern compilation albums called "dynamite 100%", then: 200%, 300 % etc... by Soul Jazz records - they clump together pretty much every great reggae/dancehall/ska track as good quality wavs on CDs. also their studio one series - great source of horns, hits, organs etc but just fantastic music without any bull. get yer skank on mate
  5. saw this and thought of you: Pianist and composer Bob James may very well be the most sampled jazz musician in the history of hip-hop. Pieces of his now famous compositions like “Nautilus” and “Take Me to the Mardi Gras” have been endlessly loaded into MPCs, SP-1200s, and various other sampling devices for well over two decades. And those loops and chops make up the sounds of some of rap’s dopest records ever, like Ghostface Killah’s Wu banger “Daytona 500,” and Warren G and Nate Dogg’s West Coast classic “Regulate.” And that’s just two of hundreds. Scroll through Bob’s WhoSampled page, and you’ll find the names and sounds of seminal songs by Run-D.M.C., Gang Starr, Public Enemy, A Tribe Called Quest, Main Source, Slick Rick, and countless other renowned rap acts. They all recognized Bob’s brilliance, and chose his music to be a part of their sample-based hip-hop masterpieces. Moar Bob James info here: http://www.fourplayjazz.com/?p=4057
  6. will i ever tire of hearing 808 samples - NO!
  7. You probably already know this guy then: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ennio_Morricone ?
  8. overit

    da real

    ^this. Vague memories of massive debates about wether mixers with samplers, DVS, midi control etc were allowed in the competition. But since they have opened those gates: it sure stays frezerfresh and that aint no hijacks YSM - feel free to post more real DMC entries in "Da Real" fred.
  9. overit

    da real

    dunno if any1 else has posted this kid yet
  10. not a choon as such but I guess you all know about spinforths weekly scour of the best free glitch, nu funk and beats etc. Just in case you don't: http://ghettofunk.co.uk/category/scour/ Still chasing my arse with not enough minutes in the day, promise will post choons soons.
  11. not on forum for short while. nearly missed best fred in ages. will post when get minutes but following already.
  12. overit


    haha, nice 1 Duz. thought you'd took offense at my nosying around. Cheers bro.
  13. this dj is dopeness. on tour down there now. brisbane tonight. https://www.facebook.com/events/355821034539081/ would have told you earlier but i only just noticed. he's touring the whole of Aus so worth a google if you aren't in brissy
  14. overit


    cheers man, yer i know the gate trick with dnb, and now I know how hard you gate! but is their anything else goin on? It sounds kinda bit-rate reduced or eq'd or sampled from a really old vinyl source or sumthin? Not at all like normal dnb snare would sound which gets more and more clinical as time goes on... more like triphop/experimental electronica would sound... which is refreshing and interesting and suits this tune big.
  15. like, now hit me up with dat snare knowledge pls: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=13012
  16. 1) use two copies of the same thing and choose something you know very well, have listened to a million times and that still doesn't bore you. 2) many people also choose straightforward EDM with its simple four on the floor drum pattern and it's predictable arrangement. 3) if however you never listen to EDM and want to be , for example: a Drum n Bass DJ; I think use Drum n Bass and see tip 1 (above).
  17. overit


    derp. Thanks for doing the work for me guys^
  18. overit


    FNCP 26th Apr - OXYKON played a track you said was a remix you did. No idea what it was called or where to find it so info would be good mate but this is in prod thread coz: Care to share any tips on how you got the snare sound? I liked a lot.
  19. So they're looking for DJs that can actually read a moment and suit the crowd. +1
  20. Obv Edan is the DJ here but the event is small and friendly and allowing this sort of cheek so respect also due: https://www.facebook.com/Cowbell.Radio.Show http://www.cowbellradio.co.uk/
  21. jeebus. so here's me, at work, in city centre youth club, found wifi, in 'phones, pretending I'm listening to one of my students works while they all fight and struggle around me.... But that achaly created a space in time for me Good luck with the assignment mate
  22. would like to hear but not from lappy. DL?
  23. Time code is a code embedded in an audio signal which you play from CDs in your CD player. You use the time code CDs in your player. The code tells the computer what speed and direction the CD is going. This means you can manipulate the CD deck and your computer can manipulate a digital file to match what you are doing on the CD player. Means that you can play all the files on your computer by selecting them on the computer, but not changing the disc in your CD player, as it is only a code. When you hear it as an audio signal it sounds like a phone call from a Fax machine. It is clearly part of the matrix
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