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  1. inorite, but doesn't it all kinda boil down to the boiler room boiling over with boils on the arse of humanity. DJing is dead - long live the DJ
  2. HAHA - And there was me wondering where to post this - seems perfect given the context: http://www.wunderground.ie/boiler-room- ... pitalised/ Boiler Room London was forced to close this week during a set after several people were hospitalised. The set started off as normal in the latest edition of the voyeuristic clubbing show with people in the background dancing unexcitedly to a combination of the music and the sound of their own smug self regard. Things took a turn for the worse as the DJ played an as yet unidentified ‘fresh cut’. The track responsible, believed to have been number one in the Beatport Deep House chart that week, resulted in two men breaking each other’s hands in an uncontrollable spiral of high fives. One eye witness said, ‘I was just tweeting my mates and taking selfies when the two boys started acting out. I thought they was fighting at first cause they were really high fiving hard. But they was just so pleased with themselves that they couldn’t stop congratulating each other.’ Events then became unmanageable as more of the audience joined in and became entranced by what doctors have diagnosed as ‘self satisfied hipster smugness.’ Dr. Whishaw of Great Ormonde Street Hospital described some of the other symptoms that can emerge with the condition, ‘People have presented with heavily bruised backs and sometimes even broken ribs from all the mutual back slapping, while another patient has been admitted into psychiatric care to be treated with a highly inflated ego.’ There have been no deaths as of yet but a man with his head up his own arse is in critical condition. The web streaming club night will re-open tomorrow with the health warning attached that people need to ‘get the fuck over themselves.’
  3. garts mate - nothing like a healthy threesome with willing twins.
  4. mate - reggae is my root. check this: http://www.souljazzrecords.co.uk/releases/?id=188 it's part of a great series of modern compilation albums called "dynamite 100%", then: 200%, 300 % etc... by Soul Jazz records - they clump together pretty much every great reggae/dancehall/ska track as good quality wavs on CDs. also their studio one series - great source of horns, hits, organs etc but just fantastic music without any bull. get yer skank on mate
  5. saw this and thought of you: Pianist and composer Bob James may very well be the most sampled jazz musician in the history of hip-hop. Pieces of his now famous compositions like “Nautilus” and “Take Me to the Mardi Gras” have been endlessly loaded into MPCs, SP-1200s, and various other sampling devices for well over two decades. And those loops and chops make up the sounds of some of rap’s dopest records ever, like Ghostface Killah’s Wu banger “Daytona 500,” and Warren G and Nate Dogg’s West Coast classic “Regulate.” And that’s just two of hundreds. Scroll through Bob’s WhoSampled page, and you’ll find the names and sounds of seminal songs by Run-D.M.C., Gang Starr, Public Enemy, A Tribe Called Quest, Main Source, Slick Rick, and countless other renowned rap acts. They all recognized Bob’s brilliance, and chose his music to be a part of their sample-based hip-hop masterpieces. Moar Bob James info here: http://www.fourplayjazz.com/?p=4057
  6. ^wise every year at Glastonbury several people die of various reasons - but compared to towns and cities of similar population size as the festival the death rate at the party full of people having fun is on average lower, even allowing for the different age range and demographic.
  7. will i ever tire of hearing 808 samples - NO!
  8. can't say any of these are my top list. Just goes to show that value doesn't always = quality for everyone. http://www.digitaldreamdoor.com/pages/music-news/benson-Top-Valuable-Records.html
  9. You probably already know this guy then: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ennio_Morricone ?
  10. overit

    da real

    ^this. Vague memories of massive debates about wether mixers with samplers, DVS, midi control etc were allowed in the competition. But since they have opened those gates: it sure stays frezerfresh and that aint no hijacks YSM - feel free to post more real DMC entries in "Da Real" fred.
  11. overit

    da real

    dunno if any1 else has posted this kid yet
  12. Great read Eggs. My fav sentence: "It’s common for inexperienced DJs to overlook social cues, selecting tracks without taking context into consideration. More often than not, this leaves DJs to fear silence, gravitating towards harder, more abrasive tracks that might make show-goers feel uncomfortable." I always watch and react and I always listen to tunes and think... but I seem to get the best live results when it's some kind of subliminal unplanned responsive thing though... I dunno if anyone else would get what I'm saying but this mix strikes me as having an ok thread to it. Educate me if i'm wrong innit.
  13. two things that wrecks forests 1) is lots and lots of idiots who drop litter and shit everywhere - this is not likely at this event 2) fire - pretty hard in Scotland blud
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