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Help with set-list

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Hey guys, so im trying to come up with a rough set list for next fridays comp, but having some real trouble with the set list

The hard dance is fine, im finding that easy. The contest allows anything with a hard edge, but the prize is a set at a hard dance comp, so I was thinking to play hard-dance to appeal to the label (sonic rehab, who's managers are judges) who are trying to establish themselves for hard dance ect...

This is the current set-list (Rough, I have a huge back catalogue of hard dance that I will also have, and will switch songs in/out if needed)

Skybreaker (Energy Syndicate Remix)

Disco Balls (Original Mix)

Make The Girlies Wet (Breeze Modulate Remix)

The Train (Crizzly's Midnight Hustle Mashup)

Bitches (Mightyfools Trap Remix)

212 - Original Mix (Organ donors remix)

Fight! (Original Mix)

Dancefloor Shakin' Monster Bass (Original Mix)

Dance With The Wolves (Angerfist)

The tracks in bold are the section im worried about, I want to have something abit more groovy in the middle to break it up a tad so it doesn't drone on at 150bpm the whole time (or doesn't it matter about breaking it up in a half hour set or...)

Any ideas on what to do/what tracks to put in?

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its a comp, I thought we where supost to give it our all.

Alot of DJ comps differ with this aspect.

Although the way the genres are organised it tends to suggest you will be judged on appropriateness of music for the slot.

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