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  1. GREMM1S

    PC Issue

    Cheers for the suggestions lads, bios update so far seems to be working, no freezes or error as of yet.
  2. I think it's a massive slap in the face for Amensia fans personally. They have loyal and music based following, completely no need for this shit other than to make some quick $$$. Poor form Amnesia.
  3. Good on her! Hope it all went well
  4. GREMM1S

    Old computer parts

    I sold my pc28500 ocz platinum sticks for like 100
  5. GREMM1S

    PC Issue

    Tried older drivers amongst a few other things, the freezing is definitely related to nvidia according to event viewer. Will try bios update this arvo.
  6. GREMM1S

    Want a new laptop

    Nobody probably cares but a friend is keen to sell is alienware gaming laptop.
  7. GREMM1S

    @ IT wizards

  8. I would say third party testing would be more accurate tbh.
  9. GREMM1S


    The downfall of software, it will never be perfect.
  10. I would still go HDD over optical storage. Scratches, eventual fading, physically losing it etc.
  11. GREMM1S

    psygressive to full on winter mix

    haha this is so dope
  12. Haha no worries, i'll make sure i post it if i come across it.
  13. GREMM1S

    Headphone Monitoring Trouble

    Oh decent headphones will make so much difference, get some HD25s if you dont have them, great noise cancellation and nice and tight on your ears.
  14. GREMM1S

    Headphone Monitoring Trouble

    Earplugs in, monitors off, headphones on, enjoy.