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  1. i decided to sell my gear since i rarely ever use it and could really use the money http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/quinns-r ... 1026606216
  2. styga

    @ IT wizards

    i am over the moon right now did not think that checking my old phone would work but it did so happy!
  3. styga

    @ IT wizards

    so my old phone is a windows phone right and my email was connected to the phone so i thought id check the phone to see if i was able to get to my emails through there.... and i was fucking able to!!! then phone died but then got it back on and was able to get my friends email!!! just before it decided to lock me out when it tried to refresh and get the new emails through
  4. styga

    @ IT wizards

    thats where i've resorted to cause when i got my new phone it made me make a gmail account but still, said friend cannot contact me
  5. styga

    @ IT wizards

    the security questions are about the emails in the account, and i can't remember any of the emails. so thats hopeless haha also tried the phone thing, but it didnt work cause it was spose to send me a text with some code to get in and never got the text fuck my life, i've got no hope aha
  6. styga

    @ IT wizards

    fuckkkk. is anyone able to hack it?
  7. so i forgot me password to my hotmail account, and to recover it i need to know things within the account so they can send a security to another account which i have. but thats not the question, unless any of you guys know how to help me there but yeah theres a friends email i need to get off that account and its my only way of contacting this friend is there any way i can get find that email by looking through internet history or anything within my laptop? please help
  8. i like some and some is just pure shit
  9. welcome buddy what state in the US are you from?
  10. kosmic have a pretty nice range of DJ/Producer gear, considering they mainly sell stuff like guitars, drums and that sort of stuff.
  11. this has gotta happen one day welcome dood
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