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    Uses CDJ-2000's in the clubs
  1. Check out my latest mix https://www.mixcloud.com/DJ-Joe/dj-joe-uplifting-energy-vol-13/
  2. Check out my latest radio show. it was played live world wide on digitally imported radio trance channel. hope you enjoy it! https://www.mixcloud.com/DJ-Joe/dj-joe- ... ifm-radio/
  3. My new track with an uplifting dance beat with some salsa elements!! check it out!! http://youtu.be/zagd0Omk8MM
  4. well done!! its nice to see DJ's with a positive attitude and have the guts to go on stage and show their stuff! I completed my first ever gig in public at HQ at Soho earlier this year and i know how you fee when you go on stage. Not many people notice bad transitions between tracks unless there are DJ's with the trained ear. Now you know your weak points and you can now work on them. THere are many DJ courses out there that can help you. A good one is Beatshed in adelaide. they are located at Soundpond. Website for more info: http://www.beatshed.net/#!/services/dj-lessons Hope this helps. Regards Joe
  5. One thing that always tricks everyone is: SSD's have write and read speeds. Make sure your get the fastest write speed and read speed as possible. There are some drives with read speeds of 530mb/s with only 130mb/s write speed. Write speed is where most of the performance comes in. In other words you will access files and load programs quickly, but when you start copying files to your SSD it will be a slower process. I bout a Kingston Hyperx SSD, read speeds of 555mb/s and 510mb/s write speed. Kingston make server memory and they have been around for a long time. They make quality products and you wont be dissapointed. http://www.kingston.com/en/ssd/hyperx/
  6. do you play trance on this station?
  7. awesome work!! love the mix!! you are talented in what you do!
  8. Listen to my latest show available on beatport! All the latest dance and cutting edge trance!! http://mixes.beatport.com/mix/dj-joe-up ... ergy/88345
  9. awesome sounds mate!! love it!! i love the doof stuff! hope you guys can check out my page!
  10. copyright is very important in everything you do in music. best to see a music lawyer to see where you stand. You just never know when it will save your ass.
  11. would love to do it, but at this stage i dont really want to play commercial stuff, maybe one day.
  12. heat 1 was awesome i played in heat 2, such awesome talent in this comp!!
  13. toshiba laptops have never failed for me! make sure you get an SSD Drive too will make your computer scream!
  14. try msy computers they always have awesome prices!
  15. yep as they said, an external sound card will fix it
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