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  1. This doesn't make sense? Ah my bad In thought OP mean't that one of these adapters was used:
  2. Why bother with a transformer, get another adapter that outputs the same voltage, but using the Australian 240V.
  3. It's alright. Calling is one of my favourite tracks. This is decent. However it doesn't really resemble the original song or make me think about it if I listened to the instrumental without the lyrics and wasn't told that is calling. Some parts of the song sound very amateur, while other are on the way to sounding professional .
  4. +9838094823091840932805418309824321 =D>
  5. It was running ranging from 70c to 90c while it was around 35c outside. The fans were on max and I set them on max using a program.
  6. Just did my first gig (outdoors) and everything went really well. However my MacBook air heated up by the end of the gig and started to lag a lot that we had to finish and hour early. How do you folks keep your laptops cool during outdoor gigs?
  7. My mic input is broken on the S4 and after tomorrows gig I am going to give it in for warranty, but for now my only option is to use the USB input on my mic. Is there any way to use it on deck C or D or not?
  8. I got this http://www.samsontech.com/samson/produc ... hones/q2u/ The speakers I am using have got the xlr input, however they mute the sound when I say something so I want to run the mic through the mac. I created the aggregate device, but I don't know what to do afterwards!
  9. Got my first gig coming up tomorrow, but can't seem to figure out how to get a usb mic working with traktor pro.
  10. Is there anything listenable that you have actually produced. Meaning something that you are not "making adjustments" on?
  11. Oh yeah and I also want to try to hook up two controllers
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