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Inside The Homes of Los Angeles DIY Home Recording Studios

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An article by Curbed LA takes a look at the “underground world” of Los Angeles’ home-based recording studios.

Home recording studios, along with “bootblack stands, rubber or metal stamp stores, typewriter or adding machine repair concerns,” aren’t officially allowed in LA. But home-based professional recording studios, well-soundproofed for acoustic reasons to begin with, seem to escape the building inspectors’ scrutiny — as long as the neighbors don’t notice and complain.

Shifts in the music industry, and changes in the quality, price, (and sheer size) of audio recording gear, along with better options for audio software, have led to a proliferation in the creation of professional recording studios that just happen to be located in the producer/musician’s basement, garage, or guest house.

Since much of the music-recording industry has been LA-based for decades, it makes sense that the shift to professional/DIY home studios would end up having a greater number of practitioners there.

*ysm notes: now some DIY studio/gear porn from LA's "underground" studios







Source: synthtopia.com / la.curbed.com / percussa.us/

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The rooms look too bright for recording, where is the damping? plasterboard and windows create too many reflections. I have worked in movie studios and made a few recording studios for mates with lots of acoustic insulation and hessian clad walls. some timber cladding also, like the Sydney Opera House.What is a domestic AC doing in a recording studio.


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Most studios i've seen in these pics either have acoustic proofing or are designed in a way that isn't required (i.e not a box).

FYI: Noisia built a box inside a warehouse, not made to normal box specs because of acoustic treatment. Here's how they started, with springs on the fucking floor!;


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