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Stanton DJC.4 All-In-One USB DJ Controller pros and cons

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Have posted previously asking for bedroom dj's to play at under 18 parties, well believe it or not the party is on.

What I am looking at though is a back up system incase someone doesn't turn up or can't get their gear to the show. Have seen this controller Stanton DJC.4 All-In-One USB DJ Controller priced at $439.50 is this a capable system at this price or some more dollars gets way more bang for my buck , or an alternative system at this price range will be a better pick?

The ausdj members have proven themselves passionate so any feedback is usually well versed . Please help me see the forest, thanks guys and gals.

P.S Bedroom dj's check my previous threads and get bacxk to me if you are interested-

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I don't have any experience with that unit. Is this something you plan on keeping/re-using after the event?

You may be better off hiring an entry level pioneer AIO unit, I see you can get this one for $120:

http://www.djwarehouse.com.au/collectio ... erBw3tvc_U

Less cost, most people already know the layout of the pioneer equipment, and you're not left with a piece of equipment you may not use again.

Most people who are going to bring a usb with music on it use the pioneer rekordbox software to organise their tunes these days as pioneer is the standard player in clubs these days..

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