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  1. Dominant

    Glitch hop battle

    I definitely agree with you on that, a couple songs I would definitely label moombah but I thought doing the beatport top ten made it fair.
  2. Dominant

    Glitch hop battle

    Mixes are due on June 13, two weeks from today. Or whenever everyone gets there mixes in.
  3. Dominant

    Glitch hop battle

    I reckon we just use the beatport top ten as of today, and to mix it up everyone can use one of any other track. One Two - Kairo kingdom need to know - blunt instrument, k+lab U R So fucked - infected mushroom, opiou boombox - kairo kingdom it don't mean a thing - myselor glitch hoppi - lucky hz run for cover - pimp bizkit nights in bangalore - dirt monkey, varien sand man - jantsen, dirt monkey good & gone - k theory
  4. Dominant

    Glitch hop battle

    I've been keen to do a battle for a while now but keep missing out on the ones I want to do, so Ill start my own. I haven't seen a glitch hop battle been done before so anyone up for the challenge?
  5. Dominant

    Spotify now in australia!

    Im was happy with it after only minutes of using it. I typed in "glitch hop" and a great glitch hop playlist popped up that I have synced to my computer and have been enjoying for about an hour now.
  6. Dominant

    The "I just bought.." Thread

    True but the apple refurbs are in near perfect condition and come with 1 year apple care. Plus you will always pay a premium for anything apple.
  7. Dominant

    Spotify now in australia!

    I was shown this by a couple of swedish friends (thats where it started) and it is finally in australia. http://www.spotify.com/au/ Great free or paid music streaming service.
  8. Dominant

    glitch hop mix

    nights in bangalore (dirt monkey remix) - Varien Girlfriend (subdue remix) - Tim ismag One Two Kairo - Kingdom Need to know (blunt instrument remix) - K+Lab U R So Fucked (Opiou Remix) - Infected Mushroom Anymore feat. Astronaut - Statix, Eddie K, Astronaut Meanwhile, In the future - Koan Sound Flavorhythm - DCarls Beans for Pauly - blunt instrument Kill everyboard (Koan sound remix) - Skrillex Wrecked (Opiou mix) - Analog MC, K+Lab Paging Stereophonic - Bassnectar I wish I wrote it down as I did it so I didn't have to go through and figure it out. and I know what you mean, a couple of those transitions were a bit sloppy.
  9. Dominant

    glitch hop mix

    http://soundcloud.com/joeyleiding/glitch-mix Not sure if I should post this here, but here is my new glitch hop mix.
  10. Dominant

    DJTT Jobs around the world!

    Not really for me but thought someone around here might be interested. http://www.djtechtools.com/2012/05/16/d ... worldwide/
  11. Dominant

    Blogs to send ADJF Mixtape to

    smidgem.com is by a few guys who DJ where I live, it appears to be down at the moment but they have a facebook page of the same name you could submit to.
  12. Dominant

    Deep House Battle

    I always find the battles that I want to do to late, I should have time to put something together if im allowed to join and I can get a link to the songs.
  13. Dominant

    Cupe's Weekly Scratch Battle Bonanza #5

    Just started scratching last week, but I might give it a crack.
  14. Dominant

    Pics of your Set-up

    boss lent me his 1200's and a crate of vinyl for a while, he doesn't seem to care how long I have em either since he hasn't used them in ages so I mightt pickup the scratch upgrade. Also the misses bought me a midi fighter for my birthday, it's been pretty fun so far but some of the effects are a bit tacky. Untitled by JoeyLeiding, on Flickr
  15. Dominant

    Will I am on risk

    Very interesting, really makes me want to try something i've never done before next time I play a party.