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    Studying business at Griffith Brisbane,
    Working in hospitality,
    Miss my nightlife
    Slowly picking this beautiful art up.

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  1. Ultra book if you find one with decent ssd space
  2. gotcha back man... sick mix btw... pity only 15 min.. needed something epic to get through my studies and this was doing the trick man!
  3. Never fails to deliver Kudos!
  4. just bought an asus ultra book with usb3.0 no problems with my s1 feeling for you bro
  5. in the last 10 minutes of the show Should call up the winner live on air
  6. Kudos for the depth you guys are going into for this comp. i know personally when i hear the first fuck up i lose interest in the track, even if its flawless after the 1st transition. So since it was a success, does that mean we can do it again ? Or is this much depth too much of a fuck around ?
  7. fkn hate that. Move pitch a mil, nothing changes, half a mill more, jumps up by half a bpm :/ *minor over exaggeration
  8. Will download when i get home man... Well done !
  9. so long away counting down the minutes.. might have figure out how to stream it on my phone while im at work, and lock myself in the office... will the winning mix get played on the ugly show?
  10. any time bro, always keen for some action
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