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    Studying business at Griffith Brisbane,
    Working in hospitality,
    Miss my nightlife
    Slowly picking this beautiful art up.

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    Pioneer DDJ-S1
  1. Ah your a good guy cupe. Always helping a brother out :them left:
  2. This is kewl. Alas tapatalk is letting me down. Any one wanna clue me in ?
  3. ditto... should we get a list of peeps that haven't got accommodation yet then we get buy in bulk?
  4. Ultra book if you find one with decent ssd space
  5. gotcha back man... sick mix btw... pity only 15 min.. needed something epic to get through my studies and this was doing the trick man!
  6. Can't... Type... Flight centre... forearm muscles... too... massive... too... reach... keyboard
  7. Fuck your a mad dawg... I'm not even flying but still... Philanthropic mother fucker <3 you man (totally homo)
  8. Definitely, Cheers gents she also does a lot of acapellas so if you like her voice and your into production we may be able to organise something
  9. Hey homies, One of the regular entertainers at my work has been producing with Craig Obey and when I dropped that a dabble on the decks she gave me the DJ links for the tracks she's been working on and said if I have any friends that do the rounds to pass them onto them too So have a look and let me know what you think ones that stood out to me were 3,7,9 and11 http://www.zia.com.au/djdownload/
  10. Never fails to deliver Kudos!
  11. just bought an asus ultra book with usb3.0 no problems with my s1 feeling for you bro
  12. he looks fucked so peaceful playing with his needle... legend
  13. yep facebook is getting complicated... "your status posts will now not reach all your friends... but if you pay $xx.xx we will give you a larger audience" fuck me... charging me to communicate with my friends
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