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    DJ Elev8

    Hip-Hop Turnatablist bring the bolo-type stuff.

    Music-lover; I don't discriminate according to genre. If it sounds like the dopenizzle, I'll spin, cut, blend, trick-mix and juggle it until your ears explode.

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    2 x Technics 1200 MkII
    Vestax Pro 07 Mixer
    M-Audio Trigger Finger Pro 2nd Gen
    PC Laptop running Serato DJ & Video DJ, Reason, Sound Forge, Acid Pro, Adobe Creative Suite
  1. DJElev8

    Scratch QnA partner/s

    Cool bruv - I'm in moorabbin at the moment.
  2. DJElev8

    Scratch QnA partner/s

    In Melbourne too - I don't see many scratch posters in this forum yet..
  3. DJElev8

    DMC Australia 2016

    Thought I'd start a thread on this also in case anyone is interested. The Victorian final was just held. Judges voted 3rd Uzi Quattro, 2nd Wallzee and 1st Typhonic. Prior to that the ACT Final was held with 3rd Chemi-Cal, 2nd Skully and 1st Sandman. Here's a vid of the scratch jam we had on the night featuring judging panel, competitors and other turntable legends.
  4. G-Smooth - VIC Winner 2015
  5. Must remember to visit ADJF more often! :x

  6. DJElev8

    scratching practice

    nice one bruv!
  7. DJElev8

    Turntable Tag Routine 2015

    Cheers - will post up the DMC when its done. A mate of mine Patty B placed 4th in the state ahead of me. Check it here:
  8. DJElev8

    Turntable Tag Routine 2015

    I haven't posted much in here yet however, here's a routine I uploaded a few weeks back. I competed in the DMC Victorian heat this year and didn't podium but I plan to record that routine via YouTube soon In the meantime, enjoy this video and give the channel a like if it's appealing. More content coming over the next few months
  9. DJElev8

    OxyKon FNCP June 13th 2014

    Just listening to this now after a producer mate of mine showed me his new shit.. This is much along the same lines. You engineer your own stuff dude?
  10. DJElev8

    DMC 2013 Australian Final

    Cheers bro!
  11. DJElev8

    DMC 2013 Australian Final

    Hey Everyone - Sorry I've had to take it down now by request - It will go back up once the world final is completed. Apologies.. However you can still SUBSCRIBE to my channel and see all the other individual performances.
  12. DJElev8

    DMC 2013 Australian Final

    This years National DMC Final was a dope night - All the the finalists showed a high level turntablism skills, creativity and execution. Includes Morganics and The Master in between sets.. Subscribe to my DJ Elevate YouTube channel HERE
  13. EPs for me from a turntablist perspective.. 12s are actually my favorite at 33 1/3 as they have the wides grooves, best feel for cuts and juggles..
  14. DJElev8

    That urge

    Cool idea - u want to figure out who will handle crowd control and that sort of thing.. If you have plenty of hands, people you can put trust into it's worth all the risk because you'll learn heaps about many of the areas a lot of DJs don't know much about. All the best with your endeavour - will be keen to hear how you go!