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  1. https://soundcloud.com/euphorie-bezirk/euphorie-bezirk-podcast-12-acm-live-at-harmony-gardens My latest recorded DJ set. ENJOY!
  2. Hey Cee, If you need help with this shoot me a text - I'm happy to come over and help you with it.
  3. Free Download>> https://soundcloud.com/adrianbell/strafe-acm
  4. At the end of the day a mixer is a mixer - you don't need a Pioneer one to be "club ready". The pros of the newer gear is a much better effects section if that's your thing?? Look at the DJM850 or 900. DJM2000's rarely get used in clubs unless specifically required in a technical rider.
  5. I just bought 450 records for 420 bucks but yes this was a good score also!
  6. Yeah chuck a scratched cd in there and see if it reads it. If it doesn't chuck a slightly less scratched one in and so forth so you can gauge how good the laser is.
  7. Cupe I used to do car installs when I was a wee little lad. PM me xo
  8. Wouldn't call 1000s obsolete. You could get two 800s and a mixer cheaper because there is a massive difference in performance and quality between the two players. +1 to what GREMMIS said. The mk3 has the best build quality of all cdj models. Much better than the newer range. It has more RAM than 850s and can read CD data quicker. If you want a solid CD playing unit go with 1000s. If you want to future proof your kit in terms of firmware updates and support/USB functionality go with the newer models. Had you bid on those and won, I would say you've done an alright deal. It's not crazy cheap but it's towards the cheaper end of the scale most definitely. A pair of mk3s going for 550 is quite ridiculous!
  9. The grooveboxes are limited for production purposes imo. You'd be better off with maschine (check out the new maschine studio)
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