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    Old: Hercules Midi console, 2xCDJ100s, Old Stanton mixer??, DJM400, DJM600, DJM700, DJM800, DJM850, CDJ850
    All SOLD

    Current: 2XCDJ900s, 2XTechnics 1210s, Allen & Heath Xone 92.

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  1. anditz

    Pics of your Set-up

    Allen & Heath Mix Wizard WZ3
  2. I don't have any residencies these days.. my next few gigs include Feb 5th at Seven nightclub, Feb 18th at The Gasometer and Babylon Festival in March. Best thing to do is follow my page for updates!
  3. anditz

    The "I just bought.." Thread

    There are quite a few sequencers out there. Even spoke to a guy designing his own matrix sequencer but it's not readety yet. Beatstep is by far the most bang for buck sequencer in the market atm.
  4. anditz

    The DJ Test

  5. anditz

    The "I just bought.." Thread

    Few tings since my last post in here.
  6. https://soundcloud.com/euphorie-bezirk/euphorie-bezirk-podcast-12-acm-live-at-harmony-gardens My latest recorded DJ set. ENJOY!
  7. anditz

    The "I just bought.." Thread

    i'm going to need to post an update sooon
  8. anditz

    Pics of your Set-up

    yo watched it mate, that was sick. nice vibe wouldve loved to enjoy that. good tunes, bevvies and sun my heaven side note. at 10.00 drug deal caught on cam thanks bud! haha ill have to watch it again - missed that. there were probably more caught on cam
  9. anditz

    Pics of your Set-up

    Yep. Not sure how to embed dailymotion but check out the set here>> http://dai.ly/x2g93hg
  10. anditz

    Pics of your Set-up

    Snap during sound checks for a live set
  11. that keen - it's not funny. mary is super talented!
  12. Thanks for coming in Mitch!