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    Professional DJ, mixing in the bedroom, living room, the club, the rooftop you name it and i'll create a mix there. Like to mix soul, hip hop funk, but starting to cater to the masses and do more dance and electronic. Have a good setup with computer and laptop, plus pioneer equipment.

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  1. Welcome to the forum, have you been playing with the same Technics 1200 turntables all this time?
  2. Definitely going to buy them second hand, so i can test them a bit and then sell them on, but i think unless they are building something that will give the quality that the Pioneer PLX-1000 gives, then they might be a bit of a disappointment. We will see though. They might just recognise the cult status of it, and add a couple of nice features. Hats of if they do!
  3. Was there ever a recording of this session?
  4. Any chance of a download link too? Cheers
  5. Lots of condom hat smileys posted here. tempted to post a real pic i have of myself doing that, but i'd be afraid rival dj's would somehow use it to their advantage
  6. Love a good party, sounds awesome
  7. love your dj name, hopefully you dress up in a tiger suit when you play or something
  8. Welcome to the forum buddy enjoy your stay
  9. Sup

    Welcome to the forum mate, nice to hear your djing a few times a week
  10. Hi

    welcome to the forum dude, post your mixes always nice to hear an intro mix.
  11. Never heard any decent japanese techno before, added these to my playlist, welcome to the forum