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    Mralchemy is true to his name, the Elements, the Law of Attraction and higher frequency vibrations. As Above so Below...the great work
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    Traktor s4 with 2 F1 plugins. Fruity loops 12, Ableton,

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  1. Yeah I know what you mean but be patient and you will find yr way, I have some videos on the way but have to do some editing before their ready. Where abouts in qld are you bro ?
  2. Hi Gentlemen, i use Fruity 12 to master and sample my live mixes. i also have ableton but have not really used that. Fruity is where I started so its hard to change. The traktor s4 allows you to make yr own stems very easily but you really have to get to know the system so they are all quantized nicely. Its taken me 1 year to get to the stage where i can use them to their potential. I also bought 2 f1 plugins which have exceeded my expectations....perfect for the producer with a dj background because as u would know its hard to make that transition, 2 different worlds that are slowly fusing together with new innovations like the S4. I have watched many a tutorial !! they actually call this system a production work station...I used virtual dj for 4 years ... a great stepping stone for traktor but the S4 is amazing and when you compare its good value. You can buy stem songs, you can create them with this loop recorder, its really easy and quick to take samples from any track and put them into the remix decks. To me they are more production decks, you can alter the pitch in each stem, have 6 effects on 1 stem....each stem has its own volume and filter and you can fit 64 into one channel alone.... when I originally bought it I thought it could take 4 samples in each channel !!! They is a fair bit to learn and you need to be organised to take yr beats to the next level. i actually never mix much of others music now just 1000's and 1000's of good samples that I have quick access to. Give us a call if yr frothing at the mouth for more info 0447768095 Regards Mark
  3. Hey mitch, been checking you out on social media, nice work !! Mralchemy
  4. thankyou nice to join in !
  5. Thankyou I am here to stay, its what I require at this point in time.
  6. Hey There Wasup, Nice work... a unique voice !! that would be very pleasant to work with. If you haven't been inundated check my work out on sound or mix cloud. regards MrAlchemy
  7. Hey Fellow Creators, I am a keen producer who has been at for a few years and genuinely looking interact and share the creative buzz that I have found. I have mixing in stems now for the last year with my Traktor S4, its really changed the way I am developing, its a new system around now for 2 years. I have taken a year off work and spent every day learning this system inside out, at night I would watch tutorials.... so I ain't going to work in bunbury, its a little backwards, they only seem to like "old Skool" which is the total opposite to my tastes. So would love to hear from any Hip Hop singers, DJ's, producers, even indie singers or pop... orchestral, what I am saying is that I have mixed lots of different genres together and I have 10-20 thousands sounds and can access them really quickly, which just keeps building. All I require is the right people to connect with. Peace out from MrAlchemy
  8. Hey There, I have been producing and DJ for 5 years and am looking to take things to the next level. I am really open to different genres and Experimental work. Just really would like to connect with the person who I creatively bounce off. So maybe take the time to check out my work. Lately its been hip hop but don't be put off by that. I have been one to try new ways. I have the Traktor s4 with 2 F1 plugins which allows you to mix in stems. I have the latest fruity and ableton... production studio in my house in bunbry. Peace from Mralchemy
  9. Hey Richokidd, I would be really keen to help with writing and production... currently searching for a genuine hip hop singer... I am in bunbry. So it would be great to hear from you ...I have the Traktor s4.... it allows me to mix stems, so perfect for hip hop. I have the latest versions of fruity loops and ableton. My studio is in my lounge room, I will make anyone who is a genuine collaborate most welcome !! Peace from MrAlchemy Mark Ohehir
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