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  1. Turntables for sale...

    can you pm me a price for the lot, one of my mates looking for a set. cheers.
  2. Pics of your Set-up

    Hey, beats are good if they are free ^.^
  3. Pics of your Set-up

    it gives optimum sync'aGe never miss a beat
  4. Turntables for sale...

    what area you in ?
  5. Pics of your Set-up

    Boom my set up Ha
  6. Who here's good with HTML?

    Fenixwell thats if you actually ahve accesss to the html.. xml is diff.
  7. Pics of your Set-up

    Nice set up. Looking sexy Sent from my Desire HD using Tapatalk
  8. The "I just bought.." Thread

    whats the go jazZ?
  9. to foe., shouldnt post your phonennumber online.. haha should just pm him.
  10. Audio Interfaces

    all good. goodluck and happy mixxing!
  11. Burning cd's

    if so tell them to eat one! but fair enough.
  12. Browsing ADJF on iPhone/HTC etc

    Works a treat.
  13. Burning cd's

    just a quick Q' wouldnt you rather have your laptop as main source. and then cd's as backup? saves burning ALL of your songs.. instead burn all the main dance songs and must haves?
  14. Audio Interfaces

    https://www.storedj.com.au/products/BEH-UCA222 i have one of these i only used it to.. record from my cd players to computer. didnt knwo what else to use it for. willing to sell if your interested. currently have my audio 8 now. so hvaent used in ages.