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  1. RhemyD

    How did you learn how to DJ?

    Spitfire your story sound almost word for word mine! Started back in 2004 when I was in year 10. Had been doing music since forever, being a singer principally and a little bit of an all rounder with everything else. Met a guy who drummed in this jazz invitation choir I was in who wanted someone to cover a gig he was doing (we both had no idea). I went to this 50th and played music from 4 sources, his 2 CDJ100's my iPod and my laptop playing iTunes. Dodgiest shit I have ever done. didnt really do much more from there untill end of 2006 when I got my hands on Virtual DJ but unfortunatly couldnt use it as I joined the Air Force and went to ADFA for 8 months a couple of months later. Quit defence and came back and worked for a local mobile company for a while untill i got sick of thier shit and went out on my own. All the way through this been learning from online videos, reading anything I could and just absorbing info from forums. You continue to learn right the way through, I've just gained a mentor myself and am now learning all new advanced techniques from an ex Brisbane DJ with 20 years + behind him. Best advice is to learn form everywhere you do/go. Best experience is always gained from actually performing although I do rate the idea of Fridge full of beer and a decent DJ to teach.
  2. RhemyD

    Your Favourite Track of 2009

    Fav song thats starting to get real air time is Shock Collar - Ian Carey. As for you guys pulling out all these unknown tunes (unknown in the chart sense), where do you find all your music? AS for the side convo with Dennis that's occured here the only thing I would like to add is although many of you do it as a hobby by not asking for correct rates in night clubs you are undercutting the industry as a whole. I make most of my money DJ in clubs and depending on the set I charge anywhere from $50 - $120 an hour. If you are just getting drinks and meeting girls then you NEED to start charging otherwise you are just undervaluing the industry. Dennis, not everything is about mobile gigs mate. Mobile gigs may be where a lot of the money is but people do DJ for other reasons. You sound like you are in it just for money. Someone once said that ppl dj for 3 reasons: 1. For fame. 2. For Money. 3. For the Love. I do it for the money and for the love of the music. The fame I am not worried about but if you are jsut doing it for the money then, I am going to say, You are what is wrong with the industry.
  3. RhemyD

    DJ representation

    Agreed! DJs supporting/playing tunes = sales.
  4. RhemyD

    DJ representation

    in the mix is also heavily sponserd by labels such as BMG and as such this kind of discussion wouldn't last long...
  5. RhemyD

    DJ representation

    ADJF is the largest Australian ONLY forum that I have come across. I talk about this with DJ friends IRL as well as on facebook etc and most of them agree with me. The ones that get free music sent out to them by labels ofcourse don't see it quite the same way...
  6. RhemyD

    DJ representation

    Won't get anything going with negative attitudes like that mate. Industry reforms don't happen over night but, they do happen. If enough people are supportive of this I might just follow it up with some action to local MP's so that we can at least meet and discuss the copyright act and the needs of DJ's. Dialogue is the first step to anything.
  7. RhemyD

    DJ representation

    Cheers Buck_Choi and ChevChelios. Dennis is a mindless drone who just follows the rules without acutally looking at them criticaling and realising that we actually are getting screwed big time. paying a fee for a fee, or a tax on a tax is called extortion... its effectivly what we are supposed to be doing.
  8. RhemyD

    DJ representation

    Hey guys, Long time no see, I know I've been slack with posting got married and all that jazz so yeah been too busy for the network side of DJn. Anyways, I'm finding that we are severly under represented in the music industry. Was talking with a firend of mine who comes from Brisbane where he had to return for an APRA inspection. Basically, they confiscated all his music, CD's and HDD's for checking purposes to make sure there was no breach of copyright. Thing is APRA, ARIA, PPCA, MIPI all hold a avid intrest in DJs and make sure we arn't breaking the law however, theres no one in Australia representing our needs and views. I understand, like most, that we make a living from others works and they should be compensated for their work. However, why should we have to pay over $1500+ a year in fees just to do the basic things we as DJs need to do in this digital age, if we buy a track we should be able to burn it to CD, and put it into a format to use without paying additional fees. our (or the clubs) Performance licences should compenstate the artist for his rights to the performance of the music. That should be all we have to pay rather then all this format shifting bull shit. We have a pretty raw deal in the music industry. I mean we advertise the latest and greatest tracks to the general public and we have to pay for the promo release! Every other country (UK, USA, EURO etc) has a DJ association which acts like a union and looks after its members interests. We have nothing like this and consequently have no representation at the policy making level in government. The copyright act is geared towards punishing DJs because ARIA a few years ago pertitioned the government to change it to what it is today. How did they do that? By donations made to support the politicians campaigns. Looks like he who hath the money maketh the law. DO people agree with me on this, that we need representation or am I getting fired up about something that is irrelevant to most DJs? Sorry for long post.
  9. RhemyD

    VIP access requirements

    VIP area access isn't that difficult to ascertain. Basicly anyone who is willing to share information freely to others, isn't selfish with the ideas of free access and who is willing to help fellow DJs for the benifit of the industry as a whole. There are way to many people out there (especially in Adelaide) that don't understand the ideas that DJing is part of the music industry and the bigwigs in said industry already screw us over enough without DJs doing it to each other.
  10. Stick with promo only subscription services. Costs me around $100 a month for the various resources I subscribe to both nationally and internationally.
  11. RhemyD

    Things you see at the club/venue you play at.

    I've got a residency at the Woolshed here in adelaide and we have a mechanical bull... two words.... mini skirt. The amount of club skanks that come in and get on the bull only to realise that their dresses are too short. From where the booth is its a clear view... to make matters worse. A few months back this girl came in with no underwear on....
  12. RhemyD

    Virtual DJ 6.0.1 Upgrade

    pro user is what they call people who purchase the pro version of the software vs the home version... $250ish diffrence USD, New release 6.0.2 fixes the netsearch feature. used it last night at a gig. was great!
  13. RhemyD

    Another gets sued for sharing MP3's

    Well I'll be, Dennis, i've been trying to get in contact with you for the last 2 years since i found the webpage, none of the contact links worked though. I'm keen to do it but, i dont have time or resources to do it on my own.
  14. RhemyD

    Another gets sued for sharing MP3's

    back on topic though, another resource thats legal for us to use is embeded in VirualDJ latest release. It's called netsearch... stream music live off of the net, totally legal too!
  15. RhemyD

    Virtual DJ 6.0.1 Upgrade

    it'd be based on american copyright laws which are very similar so as far as thats concerned i see no issue with it. Also because it's avalible for pro users only of the software ther eis no subscription fee. ATM though they are having issues wth their servers etc and i'm expecting a patch to be realeased in coming weeks to fix it. Coz, it don't work!