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  1. Or Ebay. It's a great deal cheaper than vinyl. Look at it that way.
  2. If you want lossless quality then buy CDs & rip to WAV/AIFF if you want more portable storage. That's what I do.
  3. I was hoping to let you guys suggest what you think they are worth. I haven't seen too many second hand Xone 92 mixers or CDJ1000MK2's on ebay lately so not entirely sure what the market value is.
  4. Already got Xone DB4 . Looking at getting current gen cdj 900/2000's.
  5. Hey guys. I'm in the process of upgrading my gear and have a much loved Xone 92 & two CDJ1000MK2's for sale. Willing to split mixer from CDJ's. Open to reasonable offers. Prefer pickup Brisbane. Inspections welcome.
  6. javascript won't be going anywhere anytime soon. At Uni you're learning how to learn. Picking up new languages will hopefully become easy by the time you graduate.
  7. Messing with the dynamics would make me nervous. Do you keep the original tracks?
  8. It might also be the graphics chip. The trouble with Laptops is you never have the spare parts available to confirm the problem. Sometimes the manufacturer/supplier sends the wrong part and other times the problem extends beyond the obvious source and you end up having to pay more than its really worth. In a lot of cases it becomes a waste of time and money trying to get an old laptop repaired. If its out of warranty, get a new one with warranty.
  9. I disagree with number 4. Headphones are used for EQ'ing as well as beatmatching. You want to be able to hear accurately how your cue'd track complements the current track before making it live, and make EQ adjustments as necessary.
  10. I've had a listen on Beats by Dre and they sounded pretty ordinary.
  11. 1. There is no formula you should be following as gospel. 2. PLAN your mix. Experiment at first and note down what works well and what doesn't. 3. Consider mashing up tracks instead of 'song 1 outro -> song 2 intro' mixing. Keep your listeners on their toes. 4. You don't have to select bangers from the Beatport top 10 list that every DJ and their dog are going to use. 5. Utilize Acapellas. Perhaps from classic tracks that everyone knows but neglected to think about using. 6. Begin with a cool sample that will grab attention.
  12. Perhaps you should consider buying a legit copy. That way you can get support from Native Instruments.
  13. @ OP, Do you own a legit copy of Traktor Pro 2
  14. It may have something to do with the new timecode MK2 that gets shipped with Traktor now (probably ultra sensitive). i wouldn't worry too much since 0.02 is nothing. if the flicker itself annoys you then you can remove the BPM display.
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