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  1. I took the plunge. Just Ordered pio ddj t1. Can't wait till it arrives
  2. thanks for the feedback, i think ill go pio as i am familliar with the layout etc. can anybody tell me is there a diffrence in the software??
  3. mainly home use with the odd party here and there. cant see myself playing in clubs, but you never know ive been DJing for about 4 years now. i like the ddj t1, but from what ive read, people say they feel cheap and plasticy, others say they are awesome. oh and i live out of town, closest dj shop is a two hour drive so bit hard to go have a play, and ive never seen s4 in shops befoer.
  4. hey all, i am wanting to leave my cdj 200s and go controller route using traktor. i already have an x1 and have been looking around for a decent controller. i like pio gear, but i have done alot of research and people say s4 is the go. ddjt1 is $845 atm vs s4 $999 (although includes tp 2.5 upgrade) has anybody used both these machines, and if so what are your opinions and what should i get. thanks in advance N!ck
  5. anyone used ergo with traktor?
  6. awesome find, could come in handy for sure
  7. i was thinkin of hookin up my dj gear to my car stereo just for shits and giggles!
  8. yea i agree flush mounted looks nuts
  9. so, just a quick queston, does the x1 come with full version of traktor?? or do i need to buy that seperately???
  10. yea i agree with ruggs, try before i buy
  11. sync takes the fun out of it though lol
  12. sync takes the fun out of it though lol
  13. awesome videos! deffinatly gettin one!!
  14. seriously considering buying one of these babys!! they sound good
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