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rekord box, DVS, laptops and cdj 850s

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ok, i been searching and it's all so confusing. Old threads all over the net seem to disagree with newer info.

so what's the lowdown...

Can I use a LAN cable to control rekord box on my laptop and throw out my USB flash drives?

Can I use the CDJ 850s to midi control traktor on my laptop without timecode?

do I need to do any firmware updates?

any other preferred ways of using 850s with USB, laptop, rekordbox, traktor or anything else... please post in this thread:

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CDJ 850s have no lan port so that rules recordbox down to usb flash drives only - no hooking directly from pc

Your options for using them with a computer are:

-can use them with USB connection as midi/hid controllers in traktor,vdj,serato. When i looked at this path VDJ and serato scratch had hid compatibility but traktor only had midi (no HID) so i didn't pursue this much further besides setting up once to much around with

-traditional DVS

edit: update - just had a quick google - there was rumours that hid was coming for the 850s in traktor 2.6 but doesn't seem to have happened.

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No Pro DJ Link on the 850s sadly.

As Mitch said i think the usb control mode will work on some software (no idea which).

Your best bet would be to stick with the USB's and just organise your drives well to maximise navigation, i can use rekordbox and different types of HID mode with my 900s i have at home but adding the computer was just alot of unnecessary setup and gear to travel with for me.

Of course if you aren't playing out at different clubs it may be a different story for you, eg mobile where you need lots of genres and alot more music you may find usb impractical.

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