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Audio Technica LS50iS Review

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So I picked up these yesterday and got to give them a good test today. 

Model - ATH-LS50iS



I've worn these today for a good 3-4 hours or so while working on a job. Usually when using in-ear monitors (headphones... whatever) they seem to tenderise your earholes a little and it starts to get uncomfortable. These, surprisingly, felt really comfortable and I didn't experience a lot of discomfort. I took them out of my ears about 10mins ago and they feel great. I rate the sound of these as the best in-ear monitors I've ever had. Unlike most other manufactures (SOL Republic and Senheiser to target only 2) they don't focus on a specific frequency ranges. The SOL's for example are very mid heavy and, on a personal opinion, make the listening experience quite un-pleasurable. Most of the Senny's tend to focus on clarity in the top end which can affect the lower frequencies. The LS50's have a flat EQ and the sound is perfect! 

I purchased the blue ones above. They come in a few different colours but my only options were blue and red. The picture on the box is a little misleading, showing the product to be a more flat and somewhat brushed look rather than a rich glossy colour. That's the only disappointing thing about these. They're comfortable, they sound great and, despite the colour mix up from box to product, look quite nice. They have a play / pause button which also answers calls and it feels pretty nice. They wrap over your ear, whether they help support the ear piece or not, it's pretty cool. They sit nicely in the ear and come with a few extra buds and a nice leather / pleather bag. 

They cost me $130 from JB HiFi and worth the bucks. I've been through a few disappointing pairs so I'm super chuffed I finally found some that sound perfect!     


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