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    BeatLeSS reacted to Mitch in Checking in! Trying to revive my passion.   
    Bring back zero to hero 
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    BeatLeSS reacted to wiz in SB1 - We Are Legion [Speedballas LTD - SPD009]   
    SB1 - We Are Legion [Speedballas LTD - SPD009]

    SB1 returns with a dark trip to the lake of fire on We are Legion!
    The flipside features a monstrous dark rolling Jungle stepper by UK based Sikka!

    01 / SB1 - We Are Legion
    02 / SB1 - We Are Legion (Sikka Remix)

    Grab your copy on:
    Stream here:
    Follow to support:
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    BeatLeSS reacted to Cupe in 16,000 BBC Sound Effects made available by the BBC in WAV format   
    These 16,000 BBC Sound Effects are made available by the BBC in WAV format to download for use under the terms of the RemArc Licence.
    The Sound Effects are BBC copyright, but they may be used for personal, educational or research purposes, as detailed in the license.
    For commercial use, you can license sound effects.
    Download here: http://bbcsfx.acropolis.org.uk/
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    BeatLeSS reacted to xyz in Noise from USB audio interface - help fixing?   
    Got the ground lift adapters in today, and they've made a world of difference.  
    I can still here a tiny bit of the squeal if I get close to the speakers while the GPU is going hard, but it's inaudible from my seating position and definitely so while playing back audio - the quality of which doesn't seem to be affected. I'm very happy with my $10.04 solution! 
    Cheers for the advice guys. 
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    BeatLeSS got a reaction from Cupe in Cupe - Test beat/scratch set on FB   
    aww chyeaa noice scratching.
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    BeatLeSS reacted to Mitch in Kouki - My Body (Radio Cut)   
    Comeback is in the works! Stay tuned for revival details.
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    BeatLeSS reacted to Mitch in Locating a song!!   
    The EP used to be up on the bandcamp site with a link to a free download which is when I got it... Just checked back and the link is still there but doesn't work anymore 🙁
    I did find the individual track on bandcamp for purchase though https://fatimayamaha.bandcamp.com/track/whats-a-girl-to-do
    If you can find this JV edit anywhere as well it's a pretty sick version 
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    BeatLeSS reacted to LabRat in Submitting Music Independently to Streaming Platforms   
    This is a quick how-to submitting music to Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming and online music services. 
    Uploading music to streaming platforms or online music stores without a record label is quite simple. All you need is some 3rd party involvement, I guess commonly known as distributers. Most of these distribution services offer something slightly different. I'm not going to go through all of them and what they do, that's something you can do the research on but I'll put down links of a few of the commonly used ones.
    By submitting your music to these platforms, they take care or all the little business things the labels would have to do (paying royalties, licensing and monetisation, and above all else the distribution). The good thing about going independent is you take total control of your works and you retain 100% of your intellectual property rights, meaning you own everything which I feel is very important. Record labels take the IP rights from you making your music their asset. In exchange, they're supposed to invest in you as an artist but it can go either way. Whatever happens, whether you become famous or not, they still own your works for along as the contract states and if you were to part ways from the label you'll then need to seek permission to perform the music that you wrote. Artists big and small fall into this trap all the time. Kesha and Taylor Swift are prefect examples of artists struggling to claim royalties or performance licensing because of record labels refusing to cooperate. 
    Below are 3 commonly used services; 
    CD Baby is a popular service that gets your music just about everywhere and they're a pay-as-you-go service. They have a bunch of stuff they can do for you like mastering and production of physical copies, CD's etc. As far as the royalties go, you get 91% paid to you.
    I use distrokid for my submissions. They're subscription based with a limited number of artists you can distribute under, so if you wanted to set up a little label I guess you could do that through distrokid and have up to 5 different artists. It's a super easy process to submit music and the dashboard is nice and clean to navigate so you can keep track of your releases and make changes to them whenever you like. Distrokid pay 100% of the royalties to you. They're currently beta testing submissions to Beatport so if that's going to be your primary source of output I'd suggest looking elsewhere.
    I think TuneCore is a pay-as-you-go service too and I believe you also collect 100% of the royalties. I haven't done too much research about whether they submit to Beatport so you'll have to have a look. It's not a service I looked too much into, even just scraping the surface of their website didn't tell me too much. 
    I know it's all super bland but everyone's needs are going to be different but hopefully the 3 above give you that little bit of a head start. There are many more that offer lots of different things.
    If anyone has any further questions I'll be happy to try assist where I can
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    BeatLeSS got a reaction from Cupe in Computer problem (maybe)?   
    Hi Mark,

    It isn't unusual for a program to run into troubles and crash every once in a while. This has been a constant thing swinging producers and DJ's into the Mac industry, though I've seen the problems occur on both platforms Windows and Mac.

    Your best bet is to try and do as much on the computer as possible and do some practice at home to see if you can get it to crash again. There's a lot of things happening in the background between that controller, the program and the sound card in the controller all at once. 

    Another thing with laptops: check to see if sleep and hibernate are off in your power settings. If the system wasn't rebooted cleanly for some time, this could be the easiest thing you can do. Sometimes where I've put the X - on the screenshot there's an option for a fast shutdown or Hybrid shutdown. If you have that, turn that off.

    Start an Elevated Command Prompt by clicking Start > typing "command" > right click "Command Prompt" and choose "Run as Administrator"
    Type powercfg /h off
    This will turn hibernate off as well and reduce you to shut down and restart only. 

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    BeatLeSS reacted to Craig in *Live* Funky Tech House   
    Thanks man, I know it's a small contribution but any traffic flow for the site helps.
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    BeatLeSS got a reaction from Craig in *Live* Funky Tech House   
    Bigups for the continuous mix posting homie! Digging the mixes! 
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    BeatLeSS reacted to NitroMonkey in Progressive Evolution 16 (Recorded Live)   
    Hey all,
    I just put together and recorded my latest Progressive Evolution mix.
    Arguably some of the smoothest mixing I have ever done to date.
    I really enjoyed putting this one together and hope you enjoy it too.
    Listen to it here
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    BeatLeSS reacted to Craig in *Live* Funky Tech House   
    No better ay to kickoff the long weenend than with some fnky tech house. All for your listening pleasure.
    Showing some loves always helps 😋
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    BeatLeSS got a reaction from LabRat in Stanton ST150 Turntable Rebuild   
    Daaaamnnnnn that F1 is boss. 
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    BeatLeSS reacted to LabRat in Stanton ST150 Turntable Rebuild   
    Righty... it was a bit of an effort but I FINALLY got my labels! 
    The inspiration for my labels comes from the times where we use to pull off tape and write what our channels on the mixers are or even patch locations on some synths. It came out close enough but because they're so small some of the detail in the tape goes. I had a feeling that would be the case but if you don't try these things you won't really know how it's gonna go.
    Anyways, here's the actual final product

    and the F1

    Pics aren't artistic but I just wanted to grab a few quickly and update.
    Still on the hunt for a tonearm / second hand deck for parts and I've pulled the other turntable open and have that ready for cleaning. Hopefully I get a chance to get the second one all sorted out and working but that'll be all on these for a while.  
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    BeatLeSS got a reaction from Cupe in KRK Launches Rokit G4 Line: An Update To The Classics   
    KRK Launches Rokit G4 Line: An Update To The Classics
        For years, one of the best bang-for-your-buck studio monitors was the Rokit G3 lineup. With their iconic yellow cones and solid response, KRK’s Rokit line was a favorite of bedroom producers and DJs. Now at NAMM 2019, KRK is launching a new generation, the Rokit G4 line, with a number of substantial new features. Here’s a quick overview.
    KRK Rokit G4
    Gear: Rokit G4 Models: Rokit 5, 7, 8, and 10-3 Price: $179, $239, $299, and $499 respectively Release: Expected February 2019 – preorder on DJTT here: (RP5, RP7, RP8) These are pretty advanced monitors considering their price points, with Kevlar drivers and a solid set of onboard tuning and EQ options. Here’s the feature set straight from KRK:
    Rigid Kevlar drivers for low-distortion sound reproduction Efficient Class D power amp pumps out high-quality sound at reduced operating temperatures Built-in brickwall limiter provides a balanced sound, safeguards against damage, and maintains audio’s dynamics The G4 generation has EQ adjustment right on the back of the monitors, with 25 room presets DSP-driven Room Tuning with 25 visual Graphic EQ settings Optimized high-frequency waveguide produces a wide, deep, dynamic sweet spot and incredible imaging Low-resonance enclosure for spot-on low-end performance Front-firing port yields excellent low-end response and straightforward speaker placement The new tuning app “real-time Room Acoustic Analyzer. Assists with EQ, placement and level matching” KRK app adjusts EQ settings, subwoofer levels, crossover settings, and polarity settings and aids with speaker placement and level matching Onboard signal generator to calibrating the system Includes Iso-foam pads and an optional faceplate with a protective metal grill Let’s be honest, though – KRK will continue to face some tough competition from other entrants into the budget-friendly monitor market. Pioneer DJ, Yamaha, and new comers like Kali Audio’s monitors (read our review here) will not make it easy for KRK.
    But those competitors don’t feature onboard graphic display EQ settings or associated tuning apps for room analysis. Those features could really convince most budget-minded studio monitor purchasers to go with KRK.

    Source: https://djtechtools.com/2019/01/26/krk-launches-rokit-g4-line-an-update-to-the-classics/
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    BeatLeSS got a reaction from Cupe in Stanton ST150 Turntable Rebuild   
    holy shit dude that's epic. both of those look amazing. Well done! 
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    BeatLeSS got a reaction from LabRat in Stanton ST150 Turntable Rebuild   
    holy shit dude that's epic. both of those look amazing. Well done! 
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    BeatLeSS reacted to LabRat in Stanton ST150 Turntable Rebuild   
    Here's the last update for the foreseeable future. I say that because I've hit a wall.
    Few little things haven't worked out so I'll need to take a minute to try figure it out. 
    1) the tonearm is a bit fugged and it'll need replaced. The wires are so thin that when it ripped out it's fucked it along the line somewhere. It's getting harder and harder to find parts for these so this could be the difference between having these as a centre piece and getting them fully functional - but I won't give up!
    2) the labels are way too small for my machine to cut out so I need to get them printed. This gives me some creative freedom with how I could get them looking.
    Now onto the good part. The turntable is back together! Here it is; 

    While I was at it, I gave the F1 a new look. Again, label issues are same same on this one so I'll need to sort something out for this too

    Thats all for now. Hopefully the next time I post in here I'll have it fully functioning.   
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    BeatLeSS reacted to LabRat in KRK Launches Rokit G4 Line: An Update To The Classics   
    if they're thing things your looking for they're probably perfect for the scenario. My berry truths from a million years ago have a limiter and dsp built in, which is weird because you'd think higher end models would have that stuff automatically. My Fostex for example don't have any of that and they were about 350 more. 
    Having the features built in is handy for the bedroom guy / hobbyist where rack mounded graphic eq's and limiters are out of the question so from a functionality point of view I'd say go for it. as I said before, without hearing them I couldn't comment too much on the sound but I know there's better sounding speakers on the market but in your situation I'd say these would be perfect 
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    BeatLeSS reacted to LabRat in Stanton ST150 Turntable Rebuild   
    Ladies, Gents and esteemed guests;
    I pulled my turntables out of storage the other week to find that after a year and a half of being tucked away, something ridiculous happened to all the plastics and rubber parts. I'm not sure what caused it but it became all sticky and gross. The base and all the buttons were stuffed. It's like that feeling when you pull off a sticker after a long time and all the adhesive is left behind.  
    I plugged them in to make sure they still work and so far so good but I didn't want to keep them in this condition. 
    After ringing around for parts and such it became increasingly difficult to find anyone who cared. I called the distributer and they said they may have some second hand bits laying around but no bueno so I decided to pull them apart and clean them up myself. Since they were going to be apart, I've decided that I'm going to wrap the faceplate and do the dicer mod!
    Quick Note - make sure you keep everything labeled! Take lots of photos and put any parts in labeled zip lock bags so the assembly is much easier
    Here's as they were when I pulled them out of storage
    You might be able to see the difference in the plastic. The shinier side is where I scrapped a bit of the adhesive off, and the matte is the gunk.

    So time to dismantle. There's next to no information about these online so it's a guessing game at the moment. The platter pops right off revealing a few screws. Since I'm wrapping the face plate I need to remove the screws (which I've already done around the platter) the other 4 are unnecessary.

    There's about 10 screws holding the base together. You can see by the finger prints how stuffed these are

    Once the screws are out, you can wiggle the base off. Try not to yank it when doing so. Be gentle, it'll come off

    I'm skipping a massive part here but can go int greater detail if requested. It's good to have an old pillow to rest the face plate down on as the hardness of a table could damage the tone arm, buttons or circuitry. To make a long story short, the tone arm isn't clipped in, it's straight wires from the circuit board right through to the carts. This makes it a bit difficult to remove. You'll require a soldering iron here and some basic soldering skills. It's best to melt the solder on the circuit board to remove the wires. I accidentally snapped mine. It's very easy to do as the wires are so thin so be careful.

    So this is my current situation. I need to clean all my parts now so it'll be some time before I post updates. Once the parts are cleaned I'll be wrapping the face plate and replacing the decals on the face too. Unfortunately the cleaning product you need to use will remove all text and any kind of printed labels or stickers so you'll need to have these remade if you want to keep them in the future. As I work in the sign and graphics industry this is easy and cheap for me to do myself. I'll probably be doing some custom labels on it rather than replacing the original logos but we'll see how it goes. 
    Hopefully in my next update I'll have my colour chosen too 
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    BeatLeSS reacted to LabRat in Stanton ST150 Turntable Rebuild   
    So I've ordered the wrap and I did some photoshopping to get an idea of what it may look like. Not sure if I like it but it'll look better in person! I'll keep that a surprise for now.
    While I wait for the wrap (there's no stock in WA) I got to cleaning the rest of the parts. Here's a before and after of the start / stop and power cluster.


    The cleaning products you gotta use will eventually remove the ink on the buttons (as you can see) but there's no way around it and I can live with it tbh. I thought about wrapping the buttons too but it's a pain to get them out and I'm not 100% sure if they'll stick.
    More updates to follow one I've wrapped the face and put it back together. I just gotta figure out the colour scheme for the rest of the decal and then it'll be 1 down, 1 to go! 
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    BeatLeSS reacted to Swanflight Cases in Hi, we're swanflight   
    Hi 🖐️ 
    Just a quick introduction my names Peter i work for a UK flightcase company called swanflight.com, we currently manufacture and export allot of cases to Australia so we thought why not make the process easier by creating a website just for you. 
    I hope this post is OK if not admins please remove,
    I'm not trying to sell anything here just get some feedback, see what you guys think, and hopefully get some ideas and interest.
    We manufacture everything in the UK and have the fastest production time of any case company even custom one off cases can be delivered to Australia within 10 working days.
    Please check out the site and let me know what you think (good and bad reviews are both appreciated) 
    If you have any questions please feel free to drop me a message 
    Kind Regards Peter 
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    BeatLeSS reacted to Mitch in Focusrite Scarlett OS X Mojave   
    Yeah, just a different one. I previously had it Focusrite -> USB Hub -> USB-C docking station -> laptop. Changed it to Focusrite -> USB-C docking station -> laptop.
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    BeatLeSS reacted to Mitch in Focusrite Scarlett OS X Mojave   
    Got it sorted. Had it going through a USB hub which had no issues with previous laptop & OS X Yosemite... Different combination of cables/adapters etc. got it sorted 
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