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  1. heard about this this morning and was about to post, cant wait!
  2. I've bought 5 records from there and all have been as described, as mitch said check sellers rating first its just like eBay for vinyl
  3. cant wait to use this eggs haha
  4. OK looks like I'll just be standard then
  5. Will be mixing with occasional wikky wikky, already got the scratchy seal vinyls haha
  6. Epic post eggs cheers yeah fuck a all in one coffin that fucker was heavy enough just with cdjs I'm thinking battle because I do want to scratch and I can still mix in battle mode yeah?
  7. I'm hoping they have a website you can order online from no ikea here
  8. Good point about height didn't even think of that
  9. So, picked up my first turntable yesterday the rebuild had officially started. One thing I noticed about turnies is that they are quite a bit heavier than cdjs I need a table to start setting my kit up on, just going to be two turnies and a mixer not worrying about going dvs (at this stage) Anyone have suggestions on desks? I'll be setting this up diagonally in a corner facing the outside and balcony so I am playing to people (can't stand looking at a wall when mixing) Can't wait to get this all setup and take a pic for you all too see, the pimp pad is getting there
  10. I've only got massive but I love it, it's easy to pick up and use for a begginer like me but also has a lot of depth as I found out when diamond cutters came over and was using the more advanced features I would easily say of you are just looking at getting into it massive is a great all round to start with
  11. Having played piano for as long as I have 61 key is just the right size to be able to play treble and bass on most music scores without needing to go the full size Also the feel of the keys is really important to me and these are the best feel I had out of the ones I tried
  12. Picked up one of these awhile ago, though I'd stay loyal to novation as my 25key was amazing https://www.storedj.com.au/products/NOV-LAUNCHKEY61
  13. Gandy


    welcome mate really good bunch of lads here, sounds like youre in construction or mining industry on the 3 and 1 roster, can be brutal at times be sure to post questions you have in the relevant threads and if you feel like some good old fashioned shit slinging thats why we have off topic
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