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  1. back to basics after selling all my gear and having life take over
  2. these will be banging my ears all day today
  3. was listening to this while i was getting ready, massive tunes and put me in the best mood to start the night, well done lads
  4. yesah sweet gotta go in an hour to cousins but will jump in and listen while i get pretty
  5. This. yeah keep it somewhere random whales dont have access too. hostels have cleaners, management etc etc I thought Hobberz said to have it at his
  6. I've bought 5 records from there and all have been as described, as mitch said check sellers rating first its just like eBay for vinyl
  7. Gandy

    ADJF Instagram

    Upload the good one lol
  8. cant wait to use this eggs haha
  9. OK looks like I'll just be standard then
  10. Will be mixing with occasional wikky wikky, already got the scratchy seal vinyls haha
  11. Epic post eggs cheers yeah fuck a all in one coffin that fucker was heavy enough just with cdjs I'm thinking battle because I do want to scratch and I can still mix in battle mode yeah?
  12. I'm hoping they have a website you can order online from no ikea here
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