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traktor timecode dl

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anyone know where a pal of mine can get traktor timecode .wavs on the download?

They used to be on NI site but he can't find.

(I havent looked myself BTW, if they are there please link so I can shame the bludder)

quick google showed many forum threads discussing this but no direct links...


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yer lloyd.

as I think you know: i'm not the type to go pirating software or music, but as my mate and I both have bought the software, and as NI set the precedent by having the timecode available to DL in the past, I'm a bit annoyed they don't still have the DL available.

I can understand why they charge for vinyl but Timecode.wav? really NI? Especially: why change now when it used to be free?

NI wasting valuable adjf user time making us use google and fuss threads.

anyway, I did have backups hidden deep on an external drive, problem solved now

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