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Ikea build thread

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Built your workstation with a little help from the Swedish? Post it!

Here's mine, I'm limited to the space in my room and i think i did ok.

Expedit 2x2 (79x79cm)

21cm Capita legs

Linnmon tabletop 120x60cm

Dioder lights (comes with 4 led strips)

I think i'll leave the tabletop floating as opposed to screwing an L bracket into it. I'm also going to add hooks to store cables and my headphones.

The table comes in at 104cm tall and the TT makes it 114-116cm, perfect for my height (5'11) and my arms and neck don't fatigue as quickly.

If you have the extra money, high gloss white would make the lights bounce better (i still have the plastic wrap on the tabletop for that reason), or buy a set of 4 30x30cm mirrors from ikea too.






I'll tidy those cables soon.

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I need to do something like this soon. I need a tight/clean booth that fits all my shit

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didnt know where else to out this. not really DIY. but ikea related.

goes to show you can never have enuff expedits


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