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PA speaker upgrade advice

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Hey guys.

So I'm pretty much done with my audiolines.

My original pair lasted quite some time. Unfortunate one of them blew a voice coil last year and it was cheaper to get a new individual one than fix it.

Now it seems audioline have "updated" the model and they really just don't cut the mustard anymore.

Don't get me wrong. they sound wicked for the price but they just don't last with this new model.

Speaker 1: Amp fucked and driver no longer working half way through first gig (Other original fine)

Got it replaced.

Speaker 2: Fucked again, lasted a whole gig this time (Other original still fine)

Got it sent away for a month and repaired.

Speaker 2 round 2: Lasted 2 gigs then blew again.

I'm sick of this bloody thing. and am going to go to jb and request a refund for it as I have made ample effort to get it replaced. I'm not thrashing the thing at all either, I have a 18" sub to do the work for it anyway I don't need to thrash it.

As well as the other original audioline is still pumping along fine.

I'm looking at upgrading to these:


I have a mate who has the 12" version and they pump hard, and blow the audiolines out of the water.


High-power 1500-Watt 2-way PA sound reinforcement speaker system for live and playback applications

Ultra-compact and light weight system delivers excellent sound even at extreme sound pressure levels

Revolutionary Class-D amplifier technology: enormous power, incredible sonic performance and super-light weight

Internal switch-mode power supply for noise-free audio, superior transient response and very low power consumption

Integrated sound processor for ultimate system control and speaker protection

Extremely powerful 15'' long-excursion driver provides incredibly deep bass and acoustic power

State-of-the-art 1.75'' titanium-diaphragm compression driver for exceptional high-frequency reproduction

Ultra-wide dispersion, large-format exponential horn

Ultra-low noise Mic/Line input with Volume control and Clip LED

Dedicated 2-band EQ for perfect sound adjustment

Additional Line output allows linking of additional speaker systems

Versatile trapezoidal enclosure design allows different positioning: - Stand mounting with 35-mm pole socket - Tilts on its side for use as a floor monitor

Ergonomically shaped handles for easy carrying and setup

I'm going up a tier to that instead of the low end behringer in the hopes that it will last longer. My 18 sub is solid as a rock.

From what it seems the upper end behringer are better than the lower end of the better brands like the mackie thumps and JBL eons.

Would you recommend I go down this path or choose a different speaker etc.

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Just called Store DJ and they recommend the Alto 15' truesonic over the behringers as they say the behringers are too sharp with the highs.

I know our local jb stock the alto's so I might go have a listen. Still unsure about if I should trust them as a brand however.

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The thing with the Behringer PA's are that they are great value for money. They are definitely not top of the class in terms of sound quality - Check out the Yamaha DBR series if you want a step up in sound quality. The Behringer systems will however blow any other system in that price range ($300-$600) out of the water. They will never compare to brands like JBL or QSC but can tell you from experience (I own an audio visual equipment hire company) The Behringer speakers are very reliable compared to some other brands. They come with a 3 year warranty from store DJ and can take quite a beating... perfect for mobile DJ gigs etc.

If you have any questions surrounding PA equipment shoot me a PM, happy to help :)

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I roll with Behringer's. Have for a while, and I've never had anyone complain that they don't pump. I think if you use your mixer well you can get a really hard sound where the high's aren't TOO sharp but its not a distorted bass. Price is good, but if you can afford more, spend more on something else.

Just stay away from the Eurolive stuff and you'll be sweet

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