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Tracktion 4 - Free DAW [Win/Linux]

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Tracktion 4 is now free for everyone! The old version (last updated on December 9th, 2013) of the popular Tracktion digital audio workstation is now released as freeware for all interested users.

Tracktion 4 was normally priced at $59.95, however in April 2013 it was offered as a free music making program for all Behringer customers. Now Tracktion 4 is being released as a free tool for anyone interested, potentially earning the title of the best free DAW at the moment. Granted, this is an older version of the software (the most current version is Tracktion 6) but it’s packed with features and incredibly powerful for a free music making application.

This may be good for anyone looking to get into production on a budget. It seems like it's a full version unlike demos from other DAW's so it should be pretty good.


Alternative Download (link from another source)


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Just installed.


Will teach you when the rotorcave is set up properly

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Have you had a look at this mate?

Nah I have no idea how it works. I don't use windows

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