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new Dj console (NOW FOR SALE CHEAP)

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thought i'd post this here too


ok so all my talking about a new desk, now it's time i just get down and build it.

so i have spent the last couple of nights with pen in hand (or mouse as the case may be) desiging what i want the table to look like and how i can construct it.

i did some reading of past peoples set ups big ups to Soulsonica and Jacee for putting photos and plans up on the net. and brokenarrow for listen to my bulltwang :P

so this was the design brief i set my self

- must hold STR8 150, PMC 250 mixer (19 inch) laptop and two small monitor stands.

- must also have hidden a place for serato box, sound card, ground loop isolator not to mention all the other trinkets that one has around the TT's

- has to look good free standing in the middle of the room

- no cables visible so flush mounting is a must.

- movable both around the room and small enough to lift when moving house( seem to do it often enough to warrant a thought :P

- not to much MDF (horible material but cheap)

so there's my small set of constrants :P

i played around with a few ideas and this is what i came up with


there have been a few changes

the face panel will be a 3mm MDF :( i also have to be able to afford to make this :P

i am working out a cutting list too

looks like i'm going to have a little wasted Ply :(


ok i just went and dropped $300 at the local hardware store.... oh how i love bunnings

ditched the castors and bought some stainless steel feet

hinges, screws and a router :P not to meantion $150 on timber alone

now i just have to survive NYE and make a start on it



ok so i've recovered from NYE and have made a start on my table


spent a lot of time finding all the tools and standing there scratching my head trying to work out where to start and how to approach the construction. first up i cut all the peices in to the right widths. after a few cuts i started to get in the groove of things

then i mapped out the base in 70 35 pine



also got the sides working. unfortunately the timber i got was really green and bowed so there was a lot of musseling it in to shape. have to thank my little sis for helping with this

that top piecie is not under any pressure



had to screw the internal vertical supports in to pull the bow out



note the grooves for the shelving ..mmmm new router


7pm at the end of day one


it will be an early start tomorrow to get the rest of the structure boxed in so i can hopefully start on paint on sunday :bing:

Day two

unlike a broken arrow project i'm steaming ahead... :bing:

there have been a few fuck ups so it's only going to look awesome not fucken awesome :P

so here goes

the shelves go in


though i'd test it with a record just to make sure they fit... now that WOULD BE A MONUMENTAL ERROR

whew they fit


whole was cut to allow the mixers cables to be routed though. had to move the mixers plug panel form the back to the bottom... man vestax thought of everything :P


then cut the wholes in the top to fit the TT's and mixer and i did a trial fit






man it looks sexy :P

put a small self and a bar at the back

the bar is so that all the cables from the mixer gently arch back to over the bar and there for don't hang in the cupboard (doors yet to be fitted :P)


the small self is to hold thins like Serato and my hum eliminator

so by the end of day two this is how it stands






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Day Three

to day was a slow start headed up to bunning's bought a new belt sander and some more 35x70 pine and some 3mm ply for the back.

then got side tracked at a local cafe. old friends, coffee and a beautiful 27degree day :P:D

when i finally got back to it the plan was to get the last of the framing done and get the last of the ply in place.

nothing like the smell of new toys :P


more materials


cut the doors


trialling the legs


at the end of the day






inside the cabinet


cheers for checking out my post

things are going to slow down to a broken arrow pace as i'm back at work tomorrow :(

the main things left to do are LOTS AND LOTS of filling and sanding with an aim to start painting in a week or so :P

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ok the weekends here (its sunday arvo now )

i started the painting and finishing works

yesterday was a day of sanding and i got the first coat down :P

this is where you can start to see the dodgy workmans ship (i wasn't photographing it :P)




and this is after today

i've got the second coat on this arvo





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ok quick up date

didn't get much done today

got the feet on and the last coat of paint

still need to do the doors and the speaker stands :P







sorry about the fuzzy photos will try and do better next time


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fuck thats tight man, you must be a carpender, id love to give it a go but the most building experience i have is putting together furniture i got from ikea :(

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the desk is heavy-ish

my dad and i carried it up to the third floor (dam apartment living

just realised i never gave the final update :(

nope not a carpenter, i manage purchasing for construction sites.

it's not as hard as it looks, or a good

more a case i'm a better photographer :P am the son of one :P

will be back shortly with the final updates

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well i moved house over the weekend and moved the table to it's resting place, am not moving it again. i had to carry it up two flights of narrow stairs. :argh:

but it fits beautifully in to my new apartment

there is a still little work to be done, the doors need to be sanded down, painted and fitted

and a few more hooks for cables... Not to mention the rest of my records need shifting :P







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ok i have a question, why does everyone who has a custom instal have it so friggin high?

to follow this up most installs i come across are at chest height for me? not very comfortable

also i'm not incredibly short 168cm

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i'm not tall in stature, my parents where once described as the Shetland ponies of humans :P

but the reasoning behind that specific hight was so i didn't have to bend my back at all.

with my shoulders relaxed and my arms at ninety degrees my hand rest on the table top.

as i don't scratch i don't need to make big movements over the table top.

if your a mix dj i recommend it....


this was bit of a surprise shot that a 'friend' took of me (just out of the shower) but it shows the ergonomics of the table


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ah i see... i like to have things just a little lower than where that's sitting on you.

a mates brother has his mixer on an angle and his decks at roughly between shoulder and bottom of chest height and he's roughly the same height as me.

your setup looks heaps better with you as a comparison next to it ( gives it more of a scale)

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ah i see... i like to have things just a little lower than where that's sitting on you.

yea same. but i do alot of scratching/turntablism stuff

i need the elbow room

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having just turned on my cdj's to listen to some music whilst contemplating this project and calling bunnings to get an estimate on some wood i have just noticed a further trouble with ebedding the cdj's/mixer into the table... unfortunately pioneer had the excellent idea of putting the power buttons at the back of all their products. how the hell am i going to turn it all on the dj if the power button is inside my table..... lots of contemplation to be done :D

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