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  1. see y'all somewhere ay
  2. Robsta

    The "I just bought.." Thread

    Fuark me superb taste mate!
  3. Robsta

    Devant - Beside Ourselves

    Hey dudes I got a new EP out Four tracks of tech and acid house Choose your poison below Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/release/beside-ourselves/1923116clone.nl: https://clone.nl/digital/item3325451.htmlJuno Download: http://www.junodownload.com/…/devant-beside-our…/3325451-02/Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/2GB6UvA4RsFLxObI9IWuMuTraxsource: http://www.traxsource.com/title/736508/beside-ourselves
  4. Robsta

    Devant - Angie

    A new one
  5. Robsta


    You can usually find some CDJ 1000s pretty cheap secondhand and they have great platters. Those with any budget two channel DJ mixer is pretty golden. You will have to burn CDs which isn't as nice as USBs but learning how to mix on them is an awesome way to learn beatmatching and having a good, well organised CD collection is always good to use as a backup or when the club/pub/whatever is using an older setup!
  6. Robsta

    Devant - Ten Million Pounds

    Cheers guys! I uploaded a new one a little while ago, not acid but was just a live jam: Been obsessed with recording to tape recently
  7. Christ three in a row in this section Some fried new acid house vibes recorded to tape https://soundcloud.com/djdevant/ten-million-pounds
  8. Robsta

    Looking at new Needles

    M447 and ortofons are both amazing I personally use the qbert scratch ortofons and love them although they were pricy
  9. Robsta

    Devant - A Cramp In Time

    Bit of chill acid https://soundcloud.com/djdevant/devant-a-cramp-in-time
  10. Robsta

    Multi-track recording with Audacity

    If you wanna use it exclusively for recording you'd be better off using pro tools express/first imo Do you have the ability to multi-track record or is it just one instrument at a time? If you're using older analogue hardware at all, as soon as you press stop on the sequencer everything can be slightly off time when you press start again so stopping then recording all instruments then arranging them in time can be a nightmare.
  11. Robsta

    Devant - Come In

    Thank you dude! <3
  12. I wish I didn't stop doing music in high school. I grew up playing piano, guitar and trumpet and my high school was very music focused. I got a fucking god awful bitch of a teacher that hated my guts one year (although to be fair I was quite a little shit) and stopped doing music at high school although I was still playing guitar at home. I've currently been working hard on my theory because as I move more towards being a fully blown producer that's more important than say making techno (still of course helps to know). It's all there and coming back from my brain it's just frustrating sitting down at the piano and having to relearn everything I used to breeze through. As far as life decisions go I met some amazing people in the club although I made a fucking fool of myself on account of how absolutely munted I used to get all the time and even though I haven't touched the sauce in almost a year now it's hard to lose that reputation. All the money I wasted on drugs and alcohol that I could've bought gear with also sucks. That all being said though I had a blast and don't think I'd be where I am today if I changed any of that so there's no use living a life of regret. I'm in it for the music if I end up making a living at some dropkick local nightclub playing gigs every week, scraping by, I'll still be happy.
  13. Robsta

    Devant - Come In

    Made some weird lo-fi house business with my MPC sampling DX7, 909, 101, eurorack and my girlfriend. https://soundcloud.com/djdevant/come-in