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  1. Hey dudes I got a new EP out Four tracks of tech and acid house Choose your poison below Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/release/beside-ourselves/1923116clone.nl: https://clone.nl/digital/item3325451.htmlJuno Download: http://www.junodownload.com/…/devant-beside-our…/3325451-02/Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/2GB6UvA4RsFLxObI9IWuMuTraxsource: http://www.traxsource.com/title/736508/beside-ourselves
  2. You can usually find some CDJ 1000s pretty cheap secondhand and they have great platters. Those with any budget two channel DJ mixer is pretty golden. You will have to burn CDs which isn't as nice as USBs but learning how to mix on them is an awesome way to learn beatmatching and having a good, well organised CD collection is always good to use as a backup or when the club/pub/whatever is using an older setup!
  3. Cheers guys! I uploaded a new one a little while ago, not acid but was just a live jam: Been obsessed with recording to tape recently
  4. Christ three in a row in this section Some fried new acid house vibes recorded to tape https://soundcloud.com/djdevant/ten-million-pounds
  5. M447 and ortofons are both amazing I personally use the qbert scratch ortofons and love them although they were pricy
  6. Bit of chill acid https://soundcloud.com/djdevant/devant-a-cramp-in-time
  7. If you wanna use it exclusively for recording you'd be better off using pro tools express/first imo Do you have the ability to multi-track record or is it just one instrument at a time? If you're using older analogue hardware at all, as soon as you press stop on the sequencer everything can be slightly off time when you press start again so stopping then recording all instruments then arranging them in time can be a nightmare.
  8. Made some weird lo-fi house business with my MPC sampling DX7, 909, 101, eurorack and my girlfriend. https://soundcloud.com/djdevant/come-in
  9. Recorded a new mix An hour of Techno, Acid and Dub for your pleasure https://soundcloud.com/djdevant/we-came-to-kill-dj-mix Tracklist on Soundcloud
  10. Hey munters, I made a new track, heavily techno influenced but also a bit acid/psy/trance-y. If you'd like a copy just shoot me a PM, not sure what I'm going to do with it yet. https://soundcloud.com/djdevant/devant-ice-cream-original-mix Would love some feedback too
  11. New track I made experimenting with the instrument sends on my 909 going through different effects pedals and then overdubbing some extra stuff and tweaking it in pro tools. https://soundcloud.com/djdevant/nickel-original-mix
  12. Hey guys, uploaded a new mix based on the sort of stuff I play at The Liberty Social on a Thursday night for my residency there. Give it a geez ☺ https://soundcloud.com/djdevant/disco-house-mix-2014
  13. I tried your suggestion but it didn't work. Ended up opting for an entire uninstall, redownload then restart and it all working now.
  14. Having a problem importing a folder into rekordbox It stays on the "Preparing" little dialogue box forever and when I cancel it the whole program crashes The tunes I'm importing from are on my computer's hard drive and they all play perfectly Any ideas?
  15. Looks sweet almost wish I used a laptop to use it
  16. Have been keeping my eye on this for a while and I might download the demo and have a play with it but unfortunately the internet is saying even the full release is really buggy
  17. There are definitely no mastering issues I agree the mix down itself leaves a bit to be desired and I forgot to take off the slight limiting the harmonic exciter I was using has before I sent it off which is never a good idea Thank you for the feedback
  18. Thank you Definitely benefits from a good system there's a fair amount of sub frequencies going on
  19. New production of mine I finished recently. 135bpm Techno https://soundcloud.com/djdevant/fero-city-original-mix
  20. As far as online stores go discogs is amazing, I would spend the majority of my paycheck on there every week. It's especially good if you get to know the sellers who have the stuff you want because they'll usually hook you up with a better price. Redeye is also good (the UK one not the Australian one) otherwise juno or sometimes even eBay. If you're ever in Melbourne though you should definitely check out Alley Tunes- amazing people, selection and prices.
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