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  1. Hey dudes I got a new EP out Four tracks of tech and acid house Choose your poison below Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/release/beside-ourselves/1923116clone.nl: https://clone.nl/digital/item3325451.htmlJuno Download: http://www.junodownload.com/…/devant-beside-our…/3325451-02/Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/2GB6UvA4RsFLxObI9IWuMuTraxsource: http://www.traxsource.com/title/736508/beside-ourselves
  2. Cheers guys! I uploaded a new one a little while ago, not acid but was just a live jam: Been obsessed with recording to tape recently
  3. Christ three in a row in this section Some fried new acid house vibes recorded to tape https://soundcloud.com/djdevant/ten-million-pounds
  4. M447 and ortofons are both amazing I personally use the qbert scratch ortofons and love them although they were pricy
  5. Bit of chill acid https://soundcloud.com/djdevant/devant-a-cramp-in-time
  6. I wish I didn't stop doing music in high school. I grew up playing piano, guitar and trumpet and my high school was very music focused. I got a fucking god awful bitch of a teacher that hated my guts one year (although to be fair I was quite a little shit) and stopped doing music at high school although I was still playing guitar at home. I've currently been working hard on my theory because as I move more towards being a fully blown producer that's more important than say making techno (still of course helps to know). It's all there and coming back from my brain it's just frustrating sitting down at the piano and having to relearn everything I used to breeze through. As far as life decisions go I met some amazing people in the club although I made a fucking fool of myself on account of how absolutely munted I used to get all the time and even though I haven't touched the sauce in almost a year now it's hard to lose that reputation. All the money I wasted on drugs and alcohol that I could've bought gear with also sucks. That all being said though I had a blast and don't think I'd be where I am today if I changed any of that so there's no use living a life of regret. I'm in it for the music if I end up making a living at some dropkick local nightclub playing gigs every week, scraping by, I'll still be happy.
  7. Made some weird lo-fi house business with my MPC sampling DX7, 909, 101, eurorack and my girlfriend. https://soundcloud.com/djdevant/come-in
  8. Recorded a new mix An hour of Techno, Acid and Dub for your pleasure https://soundcloud.com/djdevant/we-came-to-kill-dj-mix Tracklist on Soundcloud
  9. Don't mean to sound like a prick but the track you posted is quite possibly the biggest bastardisation of acid house I've ever listened to in my life This is a great introduction to the classic acid house tracks (wouldn't rate them all as the best ever made though): http://www.factmag.com/2014/01/22/20-best-acid-house/ And the top ten from the master himself: http://www.dummymag.com/Lists/the-10-best-acid-house-tracks-according-to-dj-pierre As far as modern labels go Lobster Theremin has some decent stuff such as: There's a lot more modern stuff I'll list if you're keen when I remember but acid house nowadays is going the whole lofi house route with a 303 thrown in there
  10. I find it quite laggy compared to classic and the blatant, in your face garbage EDM advertising gets on my nerves Is there any way to maybe change your default preferred track advertising to show similar stuff to what you buy? Sort of like Pandora?
  11. Picture is missing a few things but haven't posted here in forever
  12. Hey munters, I made a new track, heavily techno influenced but also a bit acid/psy/trance-y. If you'd like a copy just shoot me a PM, not sure what I'm going to do with it yet. https://soundcloud.com/djdevant/devant-ice-cream-original-mix Would love some feedback too
  13. New track I made experimenting with the instrument sends on my 909 going through different effects pedals and then overdubbing some extra stuff and tweaking it in pro tools. https://soundcloud.com/djdevant/nickel-original-mix
  14. Hey guys, uploaded a new mix based on the sort of stuff I play at The Liberty Social on a Thursday night for my residency there. Give it a geez ☺ https://soundcloud.com/djdevant/disco-house-mix-2014
  15. Great post I agree with most of what you've said but I know for a fact in the more "underground" electronic music community generally frown on the DJ font logos every EDM superstar seems to have because of the commercial connotations it holds
  16. Looks sweet almost wish I used a laptop to use it
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