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    15 Year Old Electro DJ from Australia.
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    - Numark Mixdeck Quad
    - Numark Mixtrack Pro

    - Virtual DJ Pro 7.3
    - Traktor 2
    - Serato Intro
  1. ^ That setup looks mad ! How much did it cost ? I meant people to focus on me as some setups have the lights infront or next to their decks and not behind so that the DJ is behind the lights.
  2. My Mixtrack Pro has EQ Kills instead of cues when using Traktor. I think it's to do with the mappings as cues work fine in VirtualDJ.
  3. Have a track list by any chance ?
  4. Cheers, can't wait. Absolutely in love with the first song.
  5. I'd recommend the Mixtrack or Mixtrack 2 from Numark to start off. All you really need is Virtual DJ, Traktor or Serato and you can start mixing.
  6. @ Lurk6r sick setup, how much did that cost ? I'm thinking of hiring these the House Party Lighting Pack: http://www.djlightsoundhire.com.au/hire/ But basically what I've seen in most setups is there isn't enough light on the DJ so he/she just seems like a silhouette when he/she is meant to be the life of the party. Any back lighting tips or such to make the DJ more visible but still keep some lights on the crowd?
  7. Hey everyone, I was wondering whether you guys could post some media on your lighting & visual setups. I'm looking to get some, if you could suggest any, it would be a great help. Thanks in advanced.
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