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  1. Hey all. I have put together the latest mix in my Live Essentials of Trance series. In this mix the vibe is aimed at a main set performance providing the best uplifting and driving Trance coming out over the past 2 months. I hope you enjoy the mix. https://hearthis.at/tyd23cbz/matt-ingle-presents-live-essentials-of-trance-085-recorded-live/
  2. Thanks @Craig, I appreciate you taking the time to listen and comment. Cheers
  3. Hey all, I just put together and recorded my latest Progressive Evolution mix. Arguably some of the smoothest mixing I have ever done to date. I really enjoyed putting this one together and hope you enjoy it too. Listen to it here
  4. Updated setup, am in the process of upgrading the PC and main screen setup. No longer going to have the 40" TV as my main display and will be getting 27" 1440p 144Hz display.
  5. Hey all, Here is my fresh cuts of Trap hitting the scene right now. Check it out here: https://hearthis.at/tyD23cbZ/awholelotatrap-2/
  6. Hey all, here is my latest mix in this series. I hope you enjoy it https://hearthis.at/tyD23cbZ/matt-ingle-presents-progressive-evolution-014-recorded-live/
  7. Hey all, Since my last mix of this series in December 2018, I thought it was about time I put together another one of these mixes. I really hope you enjoy it. If you do, like the mix, share it and make a comment on it as it will help support what I do. As always these mixes are recorded live. That being, from start to finish mixing as if you are there in the club listening to me mix. The reason for this is to give you the authentic feel of a live DJ, mistakes and all (not that there are many). Thanks for listening! https://hearthis.at/tyD23cbZ/matt-ingle-presents-basswalkers-004-recorded-live/
  8. Here is my latest live recorded Trance show. In this show I have targeted it to be a 'closing set' mix exploring the harder more driving elements of a 140BPM set while still having some epic uplifting tunes too. I hope you enjoy this one. Don't forget to like, share and comment on the mix as it will help with supporting my mixes. Thanks! https://hearthis.at/tyD23cbZ/matt-ingle-presents-live-essentials-of-trance-083-recorded-live/
  9. Thanks mate, yeah that last track was a bit of an encore. Has a bit more of a 'trance' feel to it too.
  10. Hey man. I used to hold a residency at Home Nightclub in Sydney at their event called Sublime back in the day. Also used to DJ up Oxford St, The Cross, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Christchurch, Queenstown and even had a gig over in Thailand once. I started out with really old Denon dual deck CD players and first learned how to mix house/pop. I then transitioned to vinyl and found my love in mixing Progressive and Uplifting Trance. Made the transition back over to the Pioneer CDJ-1000MKIII's purely for convenience and have never really looked back. Since then, I have a daughter and really don't mix much out live anymore, but still keep in touch with the scene by recording my 2 running radio shows and mix on a Pioneer DDJ-S1 controller. Lately I have really prefered mixing a blend of Tech-House/Progressive House/Techno and still dabble in some Trance which I hold close to my heart.
  11. Followed you on soundcloud mate, good work!
  12. ERRRRRRRRGGGG, wrong link, please use this one: https://hearthis.at/tyD23cbZ/matt-ingle-presents-progressive-evolution-013-recorded-live/
  13. Here is my latest instalment of this show. https://hearthis.at/tyD23cbZ/matt-ingle-presents-progressive-evolution-012-recorded-live/
  14. Hey all, Here is my latest live recorded show of Progressive Evolution. I hope you enjoy this show. I pulled together the very best Progressive House that has come out over the past 2 months. Enjoy! :) Progressive Evolution 012
  15. Hey all, Long time no post. I have recently recorded my latest edition of this series which you can download/listen here Cheers
  16. Hey all. Here is my latest episode in my new series Progressive Evolution. Let me know what you think https://hearthis.at/tyD23cbZ/matt-ingle-presents-progressive-evolution-006-live/
  17. Other than the fact that good and top 40 shouldn't go in the same sentence, no... :P
  18. Listen to my new mix! 


  19. As the title states, here is my new mix I recorded today. Perfect for those Sunday session vibes https://hearthis.at/tyD23cbZ/matt-ingle-presents-progressive-evolution-005-live/
  20. Hey all, I was on the hunt for new Drum & Bass on the weekend and put together this mix. It has a whole heap of new 2018 tracks. I hope you enjoy it. https://hearthis.at/tyD23cbZ/matt-ingle-presents-basswalkers-001-live/
  21. OK... Unfortunately I am definitely out. Way too much shit going on. Next year!
  22. I'm out fellas. With court for my daughter, finding another job, fixing shit on my car, I am way too busy and broke to come to meat... Maybe next year.
  23. Maybe if people actually replied to posts rather than being lurkers. I haven't had much time to do anything of recent, but have made an effort to post some content. Of which plenty of people have looked at the posts, but not commented. This seems to be a common thing all over the forum which is sad. Maybe if we all make an effort to reply to what we view we will change the culture of the forum?
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